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  1. Personally I enjoyed WWE/WWF more in different eras mainly during the 90s and around the attitude era. Being 30 years old I've seen some great times and some not so great times over the years. For me seeing some of the old guys on raw a couple weeks back got me thinking about some things! I love the "legends" coming back I get that nostalgic feeling and it takes me back to my childhood when wrestling used to excite me!

    So here is my plan! (this is what needs to be done to get me exited about wwe again)

    Create another show maybe lose Superstars (it's irrelevant anyway) call it whatever it's not that important but what is is the content! Make the show more like the attitude era with swearing, blood and anything else good that has been taken out for the current PG era. If WWE is gonna be 50% soap opera it may as well be more entertaining.

    Bring back some Legends on a more permanent basis! I like how the New Age Outlaws are back and wrestling but obviously not everyone could come back to wrestle. One idea I had was Jake the Snake coming back to "manage" the Wyatt's. Jake coming back the other week was great but he didn't say anything? Why? He's probably the best mic man ever!!! The Wyatt's are quite interesting at the moment (one of the best storylines for a while) they are creepy bastards and Jake could fit that mould perfectly! He could be the big push that they need!

    Get Piper on the commentary table!!

    Make the tag titles relevant!!
    Get some decent tag teams going. The tag titles were big in the 90s with some great teams Legion of Doom, Demolition, The Rockers, Nasty boys and Natural Disasters need I go on? You could use some of the mid to lower carders with "silly" gimmicks - Fandango, Brodus Clay, Sin Cara and R Truth.

    Anything with nod to the past great years is always great too maybe a Legion of Doom 2.0 with Animal as a manager, things like that.

    Bring back the Survivor Series as an event of actual Survivor Series matches!!

    Maybe I'm out of touch with it all but but all the above seem like great ideas to me weather they be possible or not!

    Sorry if I bored you ;-)
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  2. Because blood and swearing equal quality TV. Better writing doesn't
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  3. Of course better writing is needed but a more "adult" element is needed in my opinion
  4. I'll have to disagree. Relying on blood and cursing won't work in today's society. The reason it worked in the 90's is because of how society was back then. It's like they say in Fight Club. That generation had no great enemy (a war, a depression etc) so it became very nihilistic.

    Attitude era crash and burn wrestling is such a niche now that it wouldn't work on the grander scale. Keep it for special moments and that's it.

    It's not needed on the regular.
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  5. Why Bray doesn't need a mouth piece?

    A new commentator to replace King is needed but Piper, why? He's been hit and miss in his last few appearances (remember the seg with Jericho and Punk ( I think) he was hammered and it showed. Huge Roddy fan but no.

    Looking back is never a great idea use it occasionally sure but don't just revive it with new guys, it doesn't work.
    I'd welcome this, it sounds fun.
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    Maybe I'm out of touch with it all but but all the above seem like great ideas to me weather they be possible or not!

    Some are something I'd enjoy, others not so much.
  6. -The last thing we need is ANOTHER show on the air. We're already over-saturated with four shows a week (Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars), and that's five counting PPVs when they come around once a month. And blood and cursing aren't entirely banned, they've just been severely toned down, which I'm completely fine with. Blood started to lose it's effect back in the day when someone would bleed nearly every PPV main event. And it's not like guys used to drop curse words every few sentences or something.

    -As for the revival of the tag team division, they HAVE been making improvements to it over the past several months. We have a handful of tag teams at the moment and the division will largely continue to grow overtime. The Ascension should be debuting sooner than later, something people have been waiting to happen for awhile.

    -It would be cool to see Jake Roberts interact with the Wyatts because he used to be similarly demented, but a manager to talk for them is the last thing they need. If anything, it'd be cool to see Wyatt profess (or display) his lack of fear of snakes and then hit the Sister Abigail on Roberts and leave him laying.

    -Piper has never struck me as a great (or even good) commentary guy.

    -The Survivor Series gimmick isn't that great in this day and age. It was special in the past because gimmick matches back then were a rarity and seeing so many different WWE superstars all in one match was cool. It doesn't have the same appeal today because there's so many other superior gimmick matches.
  7. The only thing I remember from Piper on commentary was him shattering the Saba Simba gimmick on it's debut. "That ain't no Saba Simba! That's TONEEEEEEEEEEE ATLAS!"
  8. Yeah bring back blood and put everyone at risk.
  9. As I stated in the original post "things that would get me exited in wwe again" everyone has their own opinion. My opinion is that the current product as in talent, gimmicks, storylines and in general the current product is a shade of past eras! It's nowhere near as good as it could be. The obvious thing here is that wwe will never please everyone.