Storyline My time is short, but my EC opponents must hear me

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  1. *Sir Lee is stood in alley, looking paranoid and shaken*

    Sir Lee: Hello IWT universe, you may wonder where I've been and why I'm here. Well, upon surveillance reports, I have found that there is an organisation that has me targeted, I fear for my life and its obvious they want me away from the IWT, heck, even the IWTs surrounding area, but know this. I WILL FIND A WAY TO DEFEND MY INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP. And, better yet, stroll into that chamber, brutalize my opposition and walk away with the title. Some communist group can't hold me down, even if I have to have my allies escort me into the arena......I'm going for gold.

    @Aids Johnson you may be the man who has set this group on me, but I don't care, you can set Al-Qaeda on me, I'll stand regardless, I'll be standing at the end of that Chamber match....Along WITH THE IWT BELT!!

    To the rest of my opponents, let's all be thankful we have this chance, because when I win it, you may not get another chance to Main Event!

    *Sir Lee looks to his right and starts running. He's being chased by men with balaclavas and Jumpsuits*

    OOC: You guys may know but my WiFi despises our new server at the moment, so while that is being sorted, my activity will be limited to college.... If this is the case next week, maybe I can send my promo to someone for them to post on my behalf and have someone send me my opponents promos via skype. Thanks!
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  2. OOC: Communist group???
  3. OOC: My character is a hardcore capitalist/elitest, so it would logical be that a Communist group would want him taken out of the picture.
  4. OOC: Oh right! Sorry, forgot about that. Cool
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  5. lmao Aids a communist now? Fucking Jwab wants me to be a rapist, and now this. inb4 i make jokes about how your mother did the world a dishonor by having you as a child.
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  6. Time Traveling Rapist*
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