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  1. *The lights transition into a mint green as the film effects begin to play throughout the sold out stadium. White and green strobe lights emit from the stage, and Jack's entrance video begins to play. At the 00:14 mark Forté runs out through the entrance way to a standing ovation. He's dressed casually, and he stops almost immediately and waits for everything to cool down.*

    Tonight you guys are in for a treat, a grand spectacle! One that will top IWTMania III in every single way, but that's not hard to top. In just a few short moments the Hall of Fame ceromony will commence, and I have the honor of being in the third class. That's right, a record time indeed! I'm not one to boast, but my career speaks for itself.

    Typically people who enter the Hall of Fame have become inactive, or were in between a break. I however, am not in either of those categories. I will admit to all of you that even though I'm being entered into the Hall of Fame, I will continue to bring the IWT into the future. At least until I break Senhor's reign of being the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion.

    I know when I have overstayed my welcome, but I also know that it's not yet happened. We're seeing a new breed break into this company, and even as I transition into the old guard I will still be more than capable of putting on the same performances you're used to. Because to put it quite frankly, I am timeless.

    The present, and whatever lies in the future will be regarded as my time as long as I choose to be here. And to showcase just how timeless I am, I told Michael that one person was simply not enough for my first IWTMania. That I have seen someone with the same promise I had when I first walked in here, and that I wanted to add him to my match. And that man is none other than Schizo!

    So enjoy tonight, but this has only been the first time you'll be seeing me tonight with a smile on my face.

    *Forté signals for his music, waves to the crowd, and walks backstage.*
  2. You could take a shit on Jono's chest and it would top mania 3
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  3. dont
  4. actually yeah only one person who nobody knows voted in the main event. shit was tragic