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  1. *The video promo finishes and the crowd is booing. Just then, Joey's titantron hits.*

    *The crowd boos once again as Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage with a serious look on his face. He just glares at all the crowd before making his way into the ring. He snatches a mic from ringside and walks to the center of the ring as the crowd boos and his music fades. He just stands there a good 30 seconds staring into the crowd until finally raising the mic to his face.*

    "A couple weeks ago, the Alliance started. I said it had no leader, we were all just in it to revive this place and make it what it once was. Things still haven't changed. Adam is not our holy savoir and leader, no. That's where you're all misunderstood. Nick was here until he decided to run his fucking mouth by saying how much "better" he is than Adam and I, yet that is certainly not true if he was talking about me. So we booted him, and we got rid of him good. Not the first time I'd beat him. I couldn't just have it be Adam and I, no! We needed firepower. We needed strength, deception, TALENT. That's where Queen came in. Yea, the Alliance was looked at as a joke until she came in wasn't it? Every time I've been talked about since winning the tournament was "I got lucky in that tournament, I can't beat Aids or VP, I am being brought down by Adam." Words can be said but that's just it, they're words. Getting lucky does not mean beating the likes of Sackfist and Farooq. And whenever I get that shot, it's unfortunate I never got to take on Aids but I can beat VP. Some day, I earned my shot something most the guys in the back haven't even started to."

    *He begins pointing at all the fans as the boo him*

    "You people wouldn't know talent if it smacked you in the face. Everyone has some thing against Adam and I understand it... completely. Hell, I work with the guy. But there's something about him that intrigues me, and something that Queen and I see in him. I beat him in my first match, but he knows what he's doing. But no, he is not leading us anywhere. The moment he tries to tie a leash around Queen or me is the moment we kick his ass out just like we did to Nick. But we won't need to do that, will we? No. There's no need yet. Yet at each confrontation I've been apart of with the Alliance I've been quiet. You think I wanted to kick Nick out? No. When I said Farewell to him it was in regret because the kid has potential but you run your mouth you get taken care of. Whether I'm still looked at as a joke to some I'm not. I am the martyr for all things that need a leader. IWT needs that leader and soon enough, not only will I have the world title, but the Alliance will no longer be looked at as a complete shame and desperate attempt for attention. I need no surplus of attention, I've had plenty of it. From guys saying I'm a fluke or I'm still the new kid, it's never anything new. In due time though, change will occur. Change is one of those things that IWT needs and we represent that. I represent that."

    *He drops his mic as his music plays and the crowd boos again.*
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  2. OOC: Such an awesome promo man, One of my favourites from you.
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  3. OOC: Thanks brotha. Been a while since I pumped one out.