Storyline My Watch Doesn't Move Fast Enough

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  1. A now familiar theme hits the arena and there is a mild pop as the white lights start flashing to beat of the song. 0:27 all lights center at the entrance of the stage. Evander comes out wearing a black hoodie and gym shorts, which now have a few sponsors on them, including Mr. Frank The Jock's Eyes Crem Tuck. Amos is hands are taped up as he throws a few loose jabs on his way to the ring, before rolling in. Amos stretches his left arm, which was worked on previously in a match against Arno Frye.

    Evander is handed a mic.

    I'm sitting backstage doing the exact opposite of what I wanted to be doing here in IWT, and that's waiting. I've got no time for your shows, your schedules, your press releases. As far as I'm concerned, I was hired to fight and that's exactly what I want to do here tonight. So I figure, I'd do the fans a favor and not wait until uprising, Jwab I say we have our tournament, right here tonight!

    The crowd pops, Evander raises his arms to his side and pumps the crowd, who follow suit.

    C'mon @The Jwab we don't need to televise another one of your infamous loses, let's go-
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  2. *Evander sits in silence for a minute while Jwab pops up on the titantron. Jwab is lacing his boots in his private locker room. He looks at the camera and smiles before he speaks.*
    Oh Evander, it doesn't matter what garbage you spout. If you want to call me infamous for losing only 5 times then I dread for the rest of the roster. I don't mean to boast but I have one of the superior win/loss records in IWT at this very moment. It's nice to know that you are a fan cause I have no idea who you are. That's why I wasn't just looking forward to tonight just to beat you, move on in the tourney, and be one step closer to being the IWT Champion. I look forward to getting to know you through the physicality of our match. Patience, just like losing, has never been one of my strong suits. Let's get a referee out there right now and finish this.

    *Jwab stands up and smiles before turning off the camera*

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  3. Should be done tomorrow. Along with the rest of the matches.
  4. Nope, we're having the match now. Make the thread
  5. I work tomorrow m8. Kid & I are having the best match of the tourney TONIGHT.