Name game: Six outrageous tag team mash-ups

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  1. Name game: Six outrageous tag team mash-ups


    What’s in a name? These days, an awful lot.

    Ever since the WWE Universe christened WWE Tag Team Champions Kane & Daniel Bryan as “Team Hell No” and Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow debuted their studious moniker, “The Rhodes Scholars,” just can’t stop conjuring up tag team names. What would we call a team consisting of The Miz & Wade Barrett? If Randy Orton and Zack Ryder somehow became Broskis, what name would Long Island Iced-Z hashtag on Twitter?

    Join as we unveil our tag team mash-up monikers. First up, let’s drown out those pesky voices in our heads with some fist pump-worthy club music …

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  2. Long Island Iced V

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    for vagina

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    But they would still suck

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