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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Nathan Cage(@DragonClaw ) vs Alkatraz(@Tumbas )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit to the number of total promos posted.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the promo period time limit has expired.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. Alkatrz not Alkatraz.

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  3. Entrance (open)

    *Alkatrz' theme hits, but he does not come out for a good 20 seconds, the crowds boo's slowly disperse into silence. Suddenly a voice boom's though the arena.
    Excuse me.
    Up here...

    *The titantron suddenly switches to live camera footage from in the concession stand.
    Sorry, this squash match is gonna be so fun to watch, I had to quickly get some popcorn. But it also gives Nicholas Cage back there some time to tuck his balls into his pants and be ready to get destroyed.

    *Alkatrz snatches a huge bow of popcorn from the young, skinny, teenage kid behind the counter.

    *Alkatrz then begins to stuff his face with the popcorn while talking.
    So. Apparently this, Cage kid is a new guy here too...
    whatever. He must of pissed in somone's coffee already if they put him in a match with me.
    I mean, why else would you make him fight, the biggest, baddest and Sexiest guy in IWT.

    *Alkatrz then murmers "The Big Guy"

    *alkatrz then stands there, eating in deep thought for a good 15 seconds before the referee clears his throat to signal they were running out of time.
    Am I in your way?!

    Actually, urrrh, You have a match, like, right now...

    Hmmm? Oh yeah...

    *Alkatrz reluctantly follows the official through the audience entrance and the crowd boo's him and give him thumbs down as he walks down the steps towards the center of the arena, all the time Alkatrz holding a big grin, between the big mouthfuls of popcorn.

    *Alkatrz is stood in the ring, Popcorn cradled in one arm, mic firm in his other hand. Once again, he takes a huge hand full of popcorn, and rams it into his mouth, then begins talking with his mouth full of half chewed snacks.

    Dude. It's been like 10 minutes already and you still haven't come out, come on. You are making the Big Guy look like a fool now...

    Just kidding, haha. Not possible.

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    Entrance (open)

    *Cage walks down the ramp twirling a microphone in his hands, he looks at Alkatrz and smirks, twitching his eye a little bit*

    Ha! It's this guy..... I'm supposed to know his name apparently and then go on to say how I'm the best in the world there ever was at what I do etc. etc. Actually, no. What I'm going to do is first beat you down like a dog simply for the sick thrill I get from it and then I'm going to go home snort and/or inject something, again mostly for thrills but also because I'm certain there's something addictive in there somewhere.

    But I'm really getting ahead of myself aren't I. Who are you? Are you another hallucination? a fan? because I don't have paper to write you an autograph and pictures are out of the question because flashes combined with...... "Recreational" drugs is a fairly dangerous combo. So, what exactly is your schtick? You can't be a wrestler because they're supposed to be indimidating to my knowledge. I don't even really want to learn your name honestly so from here on out I'll call you whatever I see fit.

    Now then Bryce, as everyone and their mother says to their opponent, I'm going to beat you. Not because It's my destiny, or because I'm proving a point but simply because I want to. It is of course no hard feelings Gordon, best of luck eh?
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  5. You say you will beat me down like a dog? But so far all you are doing is having a breakdown at the very sight-
    *Alkatrz takes another scoop of popcorn
    Of the big guy.
    Now I get that you want to at least look tough, but coming out here, at what. 5.11? and running your mouth just makes you look funny.
    When the IWT board told me I had this match, they never mentioned I was wrestling a kid. HAHA
    Not that it matters.

    But I tell you, you aint gonna beat me because you can't. I'm The Big Guy!
    And you.
    Your just The Small Fry!

    *The crowd begins to chant "small Fry", This puts a huge narcissistic smile on the face of Alkatrz.
    So kid, I'm giving you the chance now. Just give up, let Alkatrz beat you, then learn how to use that mic up your ass. Then feel free to challenge anyone else, because your done, son. Did you really bring CM Punk into that? What is this, 2011? True, your words hurt me, but only because they couldn't be cheaper if I saw them in your thrift store.

    You are not ready for this.

    *Alkatrz begins to point to himself, then he takes another munch of his popcorn.
    I am just all man, where as you, you look like you just failed high school and need to find a job before little mommy and daddy realize how useless you are.
    No point getting yourself killed, you may as well just ring them right now and tell them how your a failure, or I will beat you down, and show your mom, later, Tonight.
    This is a whole new game for you. You don't get by, just by looking like a big man. You got to prove it, so if your generic internet promo's aint gonna help you, you may as well rip your contract up on the way out of this door.
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  6. *Cage raises his eyebrow and smirks*

    You laugh a lot. You also talk far too much, I don't really get breakdowns Andrew I just win. And god when I beat you tonight I'm probably gonna take you on a crash course to the phrase of "People who live in glass houses" I mean you say I bring... Who was it? DM Luck? into an argument but personally the moniker of the big guy sounds a little. Familiar.

    Now, as much as I'd like to make a few roid jokes here and there or imply that the reason for your obviously low self esteem is due to an incredibly small penis. I'd like to ask you somethin' Who, is the real Michael? I mean Frank, you come out here and you're "The big guy" and you laugh then make a your mom joke but beyond that, think of old Nathan as your psychiatrist. I truly want to delve into your psyche before our match because if I hit you, I'll kill you. So Mandela? Why all the rage? did daddy touch you? Were you exposed to gamma rays? Personally, I've got my on theory, you're just an asshole.

    *The crowd begins chanting "Asshole" at Alkatrz*

    But Ryu, please I'm sure you have oh so many words looking to worm their way out of your mouth hole so do please enlighten me. How does one REALLY cut a promo
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  7. *Alkatrz stops eating and starts laughing, with food still half chewed in his mouth, causing bits to spray out after each bout of laughter
    Hang on, Hang on. Haha.
    Did you really just reply to me by talking about my dick?
    Is that what you came out here to talk about? Do you always have men on your mind or something.

    I'm an asshole, damn right. I'm also The big guy!
    If you really want to know why people scream that at me, ask your mother.

    *The whole arena feels and projects the burn with an "Oooooooohhhhhhhhh"

    Seriously man, stop talking about my dick, stop pretending to be a big man, and start backing it up.
    You are a big dummy.
    You say I can't back it up?
    Hang on.
    And don't start jerking off to this, becuase you wouldn't surprise me.

    *Alkatrz takes his shirt of and starts tensing
    You say I don't have anything to back up why I am the big guy, huh?
    My Fucking abs have abs!

    But the games are over now son, I was going easy, I was snacking. But you fucked up.
    You accused ME! Of being fake.
    Well by shit. That was probably the stupidest thing you could of done... besides trying to fight me.

    You see, you are the new guy here, you are the one, shaking at the knees in fear, anticipation, embarrassment.
    And you should be.
    I am stood here, yawning at the jaw, Waiting to kill you, then get back to those 2 beautiful ladies over there.

    *Alkatrz points over the barricade at some fans.
    No, make that 3.


    But what have you got waiting back there for you?
    No one.

    You are alone, you have nothing here.
    Which is what pisses me off!
    There is nothing for me to destroy here or take. This entire match is BULLSHIT!
    Why am I stuck wrestling urchin like you, when I can be destroying anyone. ANYONE.

    And don't you dare say you could you broke brain.
    You are not in my footsteps, you're in my shit!
    There is not a thing you could even do to amount to my excellence.

    You are not an athlete. I AM
    You are not a fighter. I AM
    You are not a good talker. I AM
    I am the best in the place and I am stuck on guard duty, stuck prevaling the IWT from being stained by garbage like you.

    And you know why I have this job?
    Because, I'm the best.
    And IWT know that, which is why I haven't got a title match, because as soon as I get hold of that worthless golden belt.
    There aint ever going to be another champion.
    I will not be beat.
    I will not die.

    Now before I leave this shit hole, drop that mic and go home.
    Because I just fucking decimated you son.

    *Alkatrz throws his mic at Cage's feet and then shouts "THE BIG GUY!" one more time climbing over the ropes and standing out of the apron, next to the crowd as they all oddly cheer for the supposed Heel. Apparently they like the trash talking loud mouth side of Alkatrz.
  8. No. You didn't.

    *Cage kicks Alkatrz's mic out of the ring*

    Thank the good fucking lord you shut up eventually because you might win simply by sending me to sleep. You've got muscles etc., you're great yeah heard that before Michael, but the one thing that absolutely kills me inside is to hear you refer to yourself as an athlete. A fighter, hell you aren't even a good talker. Decent laugher certainly but beyond that what is so special about you? Nothing.

    You wanna know why you don't have gold around your waist? Because you're none of the things you claim to be. you aren't exciting, you aren't a wrestler you aren't a showman you are quite simply nothing more than a cheap, loudmouth hack who thinks he's the greatest simply because he called himself some shitty already used moniker and said "By golly am a real wrestler now!"

    And perhaps one day when you inevitably fuck up your life beyond repair from your own ego, there might be a flash of the one and only genius thought you will ever think in your entire miserable existence and that will be "I, Alktraz. Am truly a useless. Waste of skin" and then at that point Alkohol you will either blow your brains out. or walk out of your home, lie down on the street and hope for some car to come run you over because you don't even have the balls to end everything yourself.

    You will be beat.
    You will die.

    And when that happens people will figure out what I and frankly everyone else with half a brain already knows.

    You're weak.

    Good luck "Big guy"
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  9. *Alkatrz refuses to grab his mic, and keeps swearing so much that the cameras cut off him. Luckily a fan records Alkatrz on his phone, where video of Alkatrz continuing his trash talking can be seen and heard.

    Cute promo. Find it backstage? or did you just copy some CM punk, or Jeff Hardy?
    You are nothing faggot!
    Go home! You already lost buddy!

    This is my house. Your little twisted head isn't shit! Take your split ass personality's backstage, and continue jerking them off.
    Because I'm gonna fuck your mother tonight, and hell, I might even blast a load inside of her and make you another brother!

    *Alkatrz then throws the rest of his popcorn into the ring at Nathan, as he climbs over the barricade and storms out while everyone tries to grab his arms
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  10. Nice match BTW guys. Sorry about the down time in between shows. Thanks for remaining committed!
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  11. I never understood that. I voted on Marcus's matches at least a few times. Pretty sure he voted on mine too. Of course, the voting was done differently back then I think. With the small amount of votes we currently get 1 vote could sway the outcome quite a bit I bet
  12. I'm the only vote so far? Seriously?
  13. Nah I'm pretty sure i submitted a vote too
  14. results then?
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