nazi niggs

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mike., Jun 29, 2012.

  1. https:emoji_confused:/
  2. Nice one Mike.
  3. stupid wanna be hacker
  4. I think Mike. just went up a rank on Cray's list. :obama:
  5. Known Mike for ages now. Such a noob. He posted I think 400+ times in one day on my old forum.
  7. From the shit I've seen him post in this section, that doesn't surprise me:facepalm1:
  8. Loooool

    He makes himself look retarded on here. He's a master troll though - we used to troll hard on HF. I met Mike by flaming the shit out of him. Good times.
  9. Yeah, Mike's a lovable idiot / Crayo's second in command bumchum.
  10. DUDE

    Show Spoiler

    You always sell my accounts to forums I dont wanna be on!
  11. Not my fault you were in database.
  12. Didn't mean anything bad about it, when I say shit, I meant it as, a lot of spam. Having said that, I sometimes like spam :win:
  13. Wtf bro.. This means Grave Cancer in Dutch.. :dafuq:
  14. Lol hell yeah he's the biggest spammer/useless poster you'll ever meet. I love how we talk about him like he's not here.

    Btw he's exactly the same in Skype (Random). Me and Xanth will speak seriously about something and then DAWT will randomly appear and say something like "YO GUYS THIS ONE CHICK SENT ME PICS OF HER IN BIKINI TODAY HAHAHAH", screaming down the mic.
  15. lmfao! i never knew that but grafkanker is my boy from the irc we got way back


    gay fags wanna buy dbs


    awww <3 we are old fags i get unbanned in august! gonna troll mad 2012 fags




    i got some nudies on my phone :emoji_wink:
  16. http:emoji_confused:/

    lmfao im famous lol.turds
  17. Btw Mike, you need to follow me back on twitter :emoji_wink:
  18. you lucky i followed everyone from here cuz i usually only follow verified ppl!
  19. Only verified people? why?
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