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  1. Just like the NFL offseason thread. post trades, signings, cuts, rumors, ect here.

    This ongoing Clippers/Doc Rivers saga may finally be nearing its conclusion. Hoping they can complete the deal and rescue Doc from Boston.
    Cavs trying to make a run at either Paul Pierce or Shawn Marion. Not too sure why they'd want either at this point

    Greg Oden to Miami? I would love to see him try to rejuvenate his career there. all of the injuries have been a real shame

    Nothing too exciting just yet, but I expect things will start to heat up as we approach the draft
  2. Gilbert Arenas popped for speeding without a license with a truck full of illegal fireworks.
  3. lol I read that. Gil is my boy, one of my favorites to ever watch. He was crazy in his prime. Also one of my all time favorite pictures:

    (right after he returns from the huge suspension for having a gun in the locker room)


    The look on everyone's face is hysterical

    Gilbert: haha, yea motherfuckers big deal. Guns pow pow
    Jamison: yea, Gil, knock it off nikka
    Stevenson: HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He went there
    McGee: can't believe this dude lmao
    Foye: oh mah goodness

    Ray Allen back to Miami, accepts his player option

    Bucks want to keep Brandon Jennings. They have such a terrible set up with he and Monta lol

    Dirk wants D12. I'd love for this to happen. If they can grab Dirk or Bynum and upgrade at Point the Mavs could become contenders if Dirk is healthy for the majority of next season.
  5. Word is Knicks will get

  6. I may catch some flack, but I think Rondo is wildly overrated. I just don't see all the rage
  7. Maybe allows Melo to play the 3 and him at 4 with chandler at 5. I dunno.
  8. He'll hurt you more than help you. I'd rather have an old Camby who'll at least get some boards.

  9. He is talented but he is a head case and nobody that's played with him likes him. He has no jumper at all, which cripples his offensive game in the half court against a team that can game plan properly.

    Great athlete, good defender, good distributor. That's it. He isn't a top 5 PG, maybe not even top 10. So yea, he is overrated IMO as well
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  10. He didn't play for us. He isn't that great, i'd be more stoked about getting Novak if I were you, not camby.
  11. Nostalgia man, nothing beats nostalgia. As long as the Heat have James and Wade we've got no chance anyway, so I might as well bask in something.
  12. Bask in Novak hitting 50% of his 3's like it's nothing. That's the guy I didn't like that we got rid of. Fuck Camby lol I get what you're saying though, but from a logical stand point camby is a dinosaur and Bargani is only 27 and has potential.
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