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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Trip in the Head, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Hey, I would like to work with people on an invested IWT storyline, but not sure who is free and whats pre-planned and stuff. I'm up for just about anything. Just try me. Anybody interested? PM me if you like or post here, doesn't matter to me really.
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  2. Bring me in as your manager
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  3. Shouldn't you progress a feud with Nick since you guys have broken up and yet to have a singles match? Just throwing that in, not sure if Nick has other plans or you want something different. Just trying to help :upset:
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  4. I dunno, @Nickelodeon? What you wanna do?

    @Dolph'sZiggler - Hell yeah, if you're serious. You know my current gimmick kind of? What you want to do?

    DZ - the Paul Heyman of IWT???
  5. I know nothing of anyone's gimmicks other than apparently B Dazzle plays a generic Rock character
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  6. So did you have anything in mind or you just want me to come up with something and let you give it a voice?

    Currently Trip is, I would say, a mix of Joker's mentality and Wolverine's physicality to an extent in my head (geek alert). Not exactly that but close. I allude to him killing people in some threads. He has an obsession with meat (MEAT chants) and used to be a butcher back in the day. Now he's more animal like. Recently retired to a cave in the woods to "reflect on his standing in the IWT" and gained a wolf friend (Fenris). Just not sure where to go now, but a new manager sounds prefect! Hmmmmm, older bad ass park ranger that actually beat me back when I tried to kill in his area of a park maybe? Now he guides me, like a "wolf trainer" of sorts, lol. Whatever, or you can come up with something.
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  7. I'm not sure if I have plans atm. My character got locked up with Victoria, so that's what I'm working with atm
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  8. We'll meet again someday :testify:
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  9. prison fight
  10. meat again some day
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  11. :ohgod: this willl be great
  12. ONE DIRECTION !!! :yay:

    Kill me.
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  13. So you serious DZ or fucking around? Nobody else answered :((
  14. If you ever wanna do a face turn, I can try to help :tough:
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  15. Ok, at least I know your thinking about it now. Let me know.
  16. you can 'give me a rub' anytime

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  17. Hacksaw Jim Duggan?! :mog:
  18. Perhaps, I never thought of my guy as a face or a heel yet really though