Storyline Need A Little Warm Up

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  1. Nick walks out to a chorus of boos. He smirks and makes his way down the ramp, his hand over his ears, almost begging for it. A fan slaps him on the back, and he turns around. He glares at the fan, and the fan laughs at him. He shakes his head and hits him with a hard right, knocking the guy down. Nick shakes his hand out after the punch and turns back to the ring. He leaps to the apron, goes in and falls down, only to immediately get back up. He rips the mic away from the ring announcer.

    "Now I know I haven't been out here in a long, looong time. Last time I was in a ring, I was eliminated from a match the I SHOULD HAVE WON! I was wrongfully ROBBED! So now I am out here to right all my wrongs, I don't even care if it's a match I WANT A FIIIGHHT!"

    He smiles and moves his free hand in odd patterns.

    "That is of course... if any of you spineless losers have the BALLS to come out here and take me on."

    He drops the mic and holds his hands up high, waiting for somebody.
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  6. *The lights shine green throughout the entire arena, leaving the crowd to pop because they know what's next.*

    *The crowd goes nuts with cheers as Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage at 20 seconds of the song. He looks throughout the crowd, then back at Nick before getting a slight chuckle and making his way to the ring. He slaps a few hands and rolls in the ring as his music begins to fade. He stands a few feet away from Nick as the crowd continues to cheer for him.*

    "Long time no see, buddy. Now I don't know about spineless but I certainly do have the balls to take on someone like yourself. It's come to my attention that I am probably the most popular superstar IWT has ever seen, by the fans and backstage."

    *The crowd begins to chant "JOEY BRYANT!" and he smiles*

    "Point proven. But even backstage veterans want to see me excel and be in that main event picture and main event Wrestlemania, and I'm going to do it. Believe me. But at the hand of Dat Kid. Even in the matches I'm not a part of, these people will chant Joey Bryant and let everyone in the back know I'm who they want to see. Hell, even during the world title match my name was brought up. Now you Nick, I haven't been face to face with you since August. In that tournament match, you were my stepping stone that sent me to the finals of that tournament, which I later won against all odds. Now to be fair you were a bit of a rookie but so was I, and many things have changed in the last months. While I was able to go and face the world champion twice and win the respect of everyone you were busy... busy doing what exactly? Sorry I honestly can't remember. But you know Nick, I do like you. You're a part of the new era of IWT just like I am so even when all the old veterans have left, I know we'll still be around so I got to get used to seeing you. This is your chance to show the world you can step into a ring with Joey Bryant and be able to walk out and tell the tale. Because you've been living in the shadows of every new wrestlers career for the last few months, you just haven't been able to step out into the light like the rest of the young competitors. So let's do it. Me, and you. One more time."
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  7. I thought we were facing at uprising in an EC qualifier? :hmm:
  8. Nick smirks as Joey talks, and when he finishes, he goes to speak.

    "You want a match... A main event caliber match, to happen in a non televised event? And they call me c-crazy!"

    Nick circles the ring as he speaks, his left hand twitching.

    "You care too much for the people. When I cares about them, I lost. That will happen to you. The people only drag you down."

    The crowd boos.

    "So how about this? Nick vs Joey Bryant. Again. The next Uprising."
  9. *Joey smirks as the crowd begins chanting for him again.*

    "I can't deny an easy warm up."

    *He drops his mic and rolls out of the ring as his music plays and the crowd cheers for him.*
    OOC: I had no idea we were facing if we were hahah. I'm down either way.