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  1. Here is a place to post Netflix shows most people will not have seen before.

    Ill start easy.

    1. The guild.
    A show about a group of people who play a game that is essentially WoW. It uses the generic style of characters for a mix, and does it really well. 5 "seasons" (episides) that were made online, so broken up into about 45-60 mins max per episode.

    2.Lockdown. Really well put together prison doc, on everything from lesbians in jail, to the most serious prisons in the US. Lockup is good too, same deal.

    3. Black Dynamite
  2. This is going to remind Xanth to bug me about renewing our Netflix account. Thanks -.-.

    I used it mainly for Doctor Who.
  3. Zeitgeist, and Zeitgeist: moving forward. Watch it with your puppy crayo, probably twice at least. It moves slow but is really, really damn good. Both are conspiracy theories done right.

    Craigslist joe: Probably not as we would expect. Dude uses craigslist for like 2 months to get around the country, and it's really honestly interesting. Reminds me of living in california and the west coast, and a lot of the midwest. FUck the east coast, its just shitty there for the most part. #sorryteam.
  4. Seen Zeitgeist, it's awesome.
  5. Our? Ill look up some fag doc's to help.

    Cheers: a show about a guy who owns a bar that i look like apparently, its not that great.

    Arrested Development: People get down on this shit. One of the best comedies of the 2000's, and is back this year with 10 more NETFLIX ONLY episodes, and a movie. You're welcome.
  6. Xanth and I share accounts, shh. :0
  7. he has ps3? One of those fags? I share with my roommate lol. I paid for the first few years , he pays now. And he also hates on the WWE docs and Random Conspiracy shit he hates (murder mysteries/serial kilers)
  8. Do you just watch it over and over? It is that good TBH.
  9. No we watch them on the PC, Xanth makes me pay lol. :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. yes.

    other good shows on netflix are Jericho, The Walking Dead, 24, Supernatural, Reaper, Southpark, Family Guy, That 70's Show, The Office and more
  11. He learned that from his mom.
  12. Never heard of it. Everyone has more, include ones people havent heard of is the name of the game. They even have a shitty UK office, which came first.
  13. I bet Crayo hasn't seen Breaking Bad yet.

    - Community
    - Dexter (3 seasons)
    And other mainstream stuff.
  14. INCLUDE THE OTHERS or just let us know youll post more later.

    ALL of weeds
  15. How I met your mother
  16. New Workaholics coming in Jan?
    Hank Moody and that bald guy. :gusta:
  17. This. Show is repetitive and corny but it's a guilty pleasure of mine.
  18. Ignore the fact that a lot of these have been mentioned already, but here is the Netflix TV master list (in no real particular order)

    How I met Your Mother
    30 Rock
    Chappelle's Show (surely every has seen all of this though)
    That 70's Show
    Mad Men/Breaking Bad (the two shows I most need to watch)
    Weeds (first 4 seasons are worth watching. It's sketchy after that)
    Beavis & Butthead/Dinosaurs (nostalgia)
    Arrested Development

    that's all I got for now
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