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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. liked for goat gif
  3. Thought this was gonna be about deth's girl troubles.
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  4. Fucking lold
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  5. That's some wizard shit.
  6. And this will profit how?
  7. Umm...

    -Not getting wet when it rains
    -Not getting stains on you (ketchup, etc)
    -Accidentally dropped a cellphone or something in the toilet and have it still work
    and about a hundred other uses?

    Did you even watch it lmfao
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  8. Would you pay the fortune they will charge for this?

  9. lmao, really?

    In all seriousness, people out there are willing to spend the money on it.

    Not me, though, I enjoy my trusty $12 umbrella.
  10. I enjoy my £30 jacket.
  11. Edited my post. There's about over a hundred fucking uses for that. Are you kidding me?
  12. Yes but I dont see why someone or me to be more exact would buy this. It seems more of a novalty than anything I would use.
  13. Now I can finger a girl a girl on her period without worries of period blood getting on me :yay:
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  14. WOW that's graphic... :wtf:
  15. I Dont mean this directed ONLY at you but you are in that majority. If you dont have to pay/work for your own stuff, this might not be as interesting. This is going to be open to a ton of solutions, you can keep your jacket and ill put that over my cellphone before i even put it inside, and no worries when i drunk wash my clothes with phone/wallet/etc inside.
  16. THIS IS... WITCHCRAFT! :angry:
  17. Oh so this isn't about my ex girlfriend CrayJ Lee :pity1:
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  18. What if you cover yourself in this stuff? Does that mean you can never properly shower? :hmm:

    Not that this would affect me in any way :haha:
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  19. deth has that NeverClean suit on. :obama:
  20. I could use this for my xbox so my jackass friends can't spill drinks on it.
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