New babyface tag team reportedly returning to TV at the end of the month.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 2, 2012.

  1. reports that Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriels tag team formed shortly before WM is set to return to action once Gabriel returns from injury at the end of this month.

    Personally I say yes to this. Both Gabriel and Kidd are entertaining and sometimes breathtaking to watch and them together in a tag team could be some stellar matches. Neither of the men seem to have any real singles success in their future at the moment but they could be a huge part of rebuilding the tag team division. Neither of the men have been known to be good on the mic but they have both grown on that point since being allowed to work a lot on NXT. Plus they could let their stellar ring abilities to get over via stellar tag team matches.

    Seems like the tag team division is getting back on track slowly considering the amount of new tag teams showing up. We have the champs in Truth and Kingston. We have Epico and Primo as former champs. The Usos, Young and O'neil and now Kidd and Gabriel. It's not a great yet but all the current teams consist of wrestlers known for being formidable in the ring (Except Young and O'neil but they can grow into it.) So it looks like the division is on it's way back up if though slowly.

  2. It's nice to see that. Kidd and Gabriel are excelent wrestlers and I like to see them tag. Good to know that the tag division seems to be starting to get back up... hope it really happens. I think Kofi and Truth will drop the titles to Young & O'Neil as well.
  3. I also like the name of Kidds new original hold. It's a cool finisher as well. Seen it on the last two episodes of NXT.
  4. Gabriel needs a new look though, way too flamboyant


    does Kidd remind anybody else of Crash Holly?
  5. I miss crash holly .... RIP

  6. Finally the tag division is going in the right direction. It needs to be based around high flyers and it should be moved to Smackdown which seems more likely I think now.

    So glad to see Kidd called up to the main roster, he's in the top 3 wrestlers in the company yet is treated as a total jobber. Not a great fan of Gabriel but think he could be a great addition to the tag team division as he suits the style that they should be pursuing very well.

    I'm so glad they are going down the high flyer route, it should be what the tag team division is. With a few multi-team ladder/TLC matches the division could be revamped completely and could create stars like it has done in the past. I know I've maybe gone a bit overboard but this news along with Kofi and Truth winning the titles has given me this hope.
  7. I am a big Tyson kidd fan so this is great news for me both him and Gabriel are talented and they could be the team to revitalize the tag scene.