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  1. :robbie:

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  2. Sounds fucking dark. :gusta:
  3. I'll wait for the entire album. I really wish Bill Ward came back just so we could say that the original four were ALL there but it's better than losing either Ozzy or Iommi, I guess.

    Hope this turns out better than Ozzy's last solo album, which was just unbearable.
  4. :obama: Sounds as dark as Mark Henry. Already sounds like a great album :yay:
  5. Another new tune. This one is much heavier and doomier than the other song. I like it a lot. Ozzy's vocals are a bit weak but he's always had weird vocals so I don't mind it.

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  6. Fucking right.

    They are coming to my area in August. I am strongly considering nosebleed seats because I am poor at the moment but don't even care because I just want to be there to witness gods before they all die.
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  7. Yeah, I'll probably go to their show when they come around my area as well.
  8. Still sounds nice, Im still waiting for teh album
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