New Change for the IWT X Division

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  1. The lights shut off as a big blue moon on the titantron appears. A spotlight shines at the stage, and four men dressed in blue robes come out. Their faces are covered, and with them they carry a big wide case. Two more follow behind, carrying a stand to place the case on. The spotlight follows them as they make their way to the ring. The crowd seems confused by these strange people, wondering what they were doing. They entered the ring and set the stand in the center. They placed the case on the stand, and then stood behind the case, standing up straight and not moving.

    The crowd cheers wildly as Farooq and his escort Jessica make their way onto the stage, with the spotlight light now shinning on them. Both of them dressed in blue robes, and the X Division championship on Farooq's shoulder. Farooq makes his way down the ramp, his escort following close behind him. Farooq walks up the steel steps and holds the ropes open for Jessica, helping her into the ring as he then goes in as well. The spotlight widens so that the light shines on the whole ring. The six men, still standing still and not moving. The announcer handed Farooq a microphone, as he soon began to speak.​
    "Today, I stand before you still as the X Division champion! Your X Division championship!" Farooq said as the crowd cheered for him loudly. "I defeated many opponents on my way to forming this division, and many afterwards. At Money in the Bank, I didn't partake in a ladder match to get a possible chance for a championship, because I left a champion. This title, it's becoming more and more important. This division on it's own is becoming more noticeable, and why? Because there is a champion here that fights with passion! One that gives more then 100% in every match, whether the championship is on the line or not! And it got me to think..."​
    Farooq placed a hand on his chin, "This belt here, it was made by IWT, it was funded heavily since the IWT had just bought many championships before, and many talents, so the money to contribute for this belt was low. Although, I contacted a friend for a favor, a few friends. Ones that make designs, and belts on their own. Under permission from the Board of Directors, they allowed them to construct a new X Division championship...which is in here." Farooq said as he walked over to the case.​
    Farooq opened up the case, and inside was a new X Division championship:​
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    Farooq placed the new X Division championship on his other shoulder as the crowd cheered. "Just as the division in itself will rise, it needs a new championship to show it's path to glory! I present the new championship for the X Division!" Farooq said as he placed both of his hands on each end of the belt, and raised it over his head. The men in the robes clapping as the crowd cheered loudly.​


  2. Mr Sackfist steps out of the curtain bandaged up, with a hoody, five o' clock shadow, jeans with the right pant leg torn just under the knee and bleached sneakers.He stares at Farroq on the stage and walks down to the ring, steps up the steel steps and enters the ring.

    "Farooq, I am glad you've been enjoying success while I have had every single thing taken away from me. Before Payback I was a champion, no I was a double champion. But since I lost to you there, everything has been take, my car, my diamond studded jewelry, everything I got for being a major guy in IWT and everything I earned shaping the Mid-Card was taken. Now I tried to move on, I took on the Cure, single handed, one on 3, I came ever so close but it was taken from me. And I fear I will keep losing until I get what kept me afloat Farooq and your holding it."

    Sack paces the ring, wiping sweat from his chin

    "You see that title was unified by two of my titles and two of yours, the way I see it is half of that title is mine. And Farooq I have a rematch clause for that title. I want, no I need my title back Farooq and I need it back now. I can't take life in the slums, I won't go down a path of loses. You can polish that title, shape it into an origami bird for all I care, but I want it back"

    Sack then stares at the title

    "I've missed you"

    Sack turns his attention back to Farooq

    "You beat FailFace at Money In The Bank while I wasn't even considered, I wasn't picked to appear and the reason is Farooq is because without that title I am nothing. So I am cashing in my rematch, you name the place and time & I'll be there. I got to comfortable Farooq, and you were the better man that night, but now I know what I am missing, and I am hungry for victory, I want my title, I want my name on PPV cards. I want my rightful place back as Mr Mid-Card. Name the place Farroq & I will be there, name the time, and I will be there. I am giving you the choice to pick the end of your title reign Farooq, because I swear down I will not go down easy, no I won't go down at all because I am taking my title back at all cost!."
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    Nah seriously this is gonna be an awesome match.

  4. Wow, what an obvious rip off of my prestigious title.

    Listen Farquad, I know you're trying to emulate the greatest champ in IWT history, and I'm flattered. However, even these numbskulls in the crowd can see that your belt is a smaller version of my belt. Kind of like another piece of hardware we both have, wink wink.

    Anyhow, enjoy your match with whomever wants that second class piece of junk around your waist. Just had to add my two cents.