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  1. *It's mostly quiet in the IWT arena until all the lights go out and a video begins to play on the titantron...*

    *The video ends and the crowd is cheering. The song from the video begins to play throughout the arena...*

    *The song cuts off after about 40 seconds when no one comes onto the stage. The crowd is mostly silent again when all of a sudden live footage appears on the titantron. It is a low quality camera and there is one man walking around with it as it is very shaky. The scene shows a forest with dead trees all around and cloudy skies and nothing but quiet. The quiet is broken when there are footsteps behind the man holding the camera and the camera man turns around to reveal Joey Bryant and the crowd pops.*

    "Come on. Follow. Don't be shy."

    *The camera points on Joey as the two men roam through brush and plants when they get to an open field. Joey stops and looks far down the field and completely freezes for a while with a blank look on his face. He snaps back into it and shakes his head.*

    "'s just been a while."

    *They begin to walk through the field and they climb to the top of a hill and pause when they get to the top. The camera points to the bottom of the hill where you can now see a broken down brick building with only a couple signs left standing a couple feet away from the rubble.*

    "Stick with me now, I know it seems weird. Playing that video promo of myself and one half of the tag champions and then dragging you all the way out here just to see broken down rubble...well this broken down rubble meant a hell of a lot to IWT one year ago."

    *They walk down the hill and walk to the front of the rubble where the signs are standing. The camera zooms in on one of the signs and it reads "The Church".*

    "This isn't fictional. Yea dude, The Church."

    *The crowd boos a bit in the background audio and Joey just stares at the camera man.*

    "You look shocked...hell I bet everyone in the arena looks shocked right now too, unbelieveable. How long will it take you people to realize Joey Bryant does not play games when I have a message to send out I WILL send it. This was my home in a sense a year ago, this was THE building, this is the physical representation of the powerhouse that led over IWT one year ago known as the Church. And you people hated it, and everyone in the locker room hated it, and I never really understood why so I just made up my own reason of the fact that the two of us were just too damn good together. I am going to metaphorically reuild the Church. I'm not saying I'm going to go bow down to Dat Kid and ask for the Church reunion, that's not it at all, Dat Kid and I still got unfinished business. I'm saying I'm restoring the power and dominance I had while I was a member of the Church. I was nearly unbeatable. I got to walk down the ramp of IWT's Wrestlemania 2 with the IWT Championship strapped around my waist. Greatest feelin in the world man, tellin you."

    *He pauses a moment and just shakes his head. He puts his head down and stares at the ground as he speaks.*

    "But recently, that chance to feel that feeling again has been taken away. Alias Antonio."

    *He pauses again and picks his head up and takes a deep breath.*

    "Enjoy that belt, but you're a rookie at holding it. Soon you'll realize you have a target on your back at every moment especially at Money in the Bank time. Trust me. You will realize once you become a multi-time IWT Champion sometimes it's right and fair to back off for a little and keep your title safe until the next big fight. Some may call it a coward move but you don't become a 3x IWT Champion by being a coward. Alias Antonio, I hate his fucking guts believe me I really do, but he is no coward."

    *He rests his arm on the "The Church" sign and looks into the camera.*

    "This part is a little off topic and more behind the scenes but it's a message to IWT management. I want no part in an IWT Championship rematch with Alias Antonio until post Wrestlemania 3 and even maybe past that. But you're not going to have Wrestlemania without your Superstar of the Year. You either put me in a match with anyone on this roster that thinks they need a spot on that card or I'll find some loser myself. I'll be stealing the show, but it won't be for main event gold."

    *He runs his hands through his hair and begins to walk away from the bricks.*

    "People cheered when Alias Antonio won the belt, the very same people who wanted me to win it in the first place were cheering on Alias Antonio. I don't care what Aids Johnson or Alias Antonio or anyone have been saying like "Where's Joey Bryant? Where's our champ?" I've never gone anywhere but when I got nothin to say I got nothin to say, period. You don't like what you just heard now? Good, you asked for this shit. I could've said that in the span of 2 weeks or I could have observed for a couple weeks and then dropped how I felt. Bottom line is I'll see you all at Wrestlemania 3 one way or another but it's time to start a new chapter. Alright, shut that thing off..."

    *The camera man puts the camera down and the feed cuts, leaving the crowd giving a mixed reaction.*
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  2. Great promo, also thanks for reminding me of that sweet video package and song.
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