New Character w/ Real Promo - El Nino de Mexico

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  1. Name: El Nino de Mexico
    Ring Name: El Nino
    Nick Name: The Taco Savior
    Hometown: Tacoland, Mexico
    Height:5ft 8in
    Weight: 170lbs
    Birthdate: March 21, 1993
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    Attire: Black mask with gold and red trimming, black vest, and blue jeans with a belt buckle in the shape of a taco
    Heel of Face: Face
    Style Of Wrestling: Lucha Libre
    Finishers: Taco Supreme (Front flip from the top rope into a diving legdrop)
    Signatures: Springboard Dropkick
    Entrance Style: The lights rapidly switch from green to red. El Nino comes out with a platter of tacos, while dancing, and hands them to the fans as he makes his way into the ring.
    Entrance Music:
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    Personality: Comedic
    Backstory:El Nino is a famous wrestler from Mexico and dominated the competition despite his weird gimmick. El Nino heard of Federation X and was upset that they had no one representing tacos, so he decided that the Federation needed him.
    Gimmick:Bizarre obsession with tacos
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  2. WTF!!

    that was Awesome

  3. That's one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed, you need 10000 rep!
  4. Dude this is sick, So much better than Frank The Jock, if you ever saw the promo by Randy Savage. Loved it, hope you do more of them. Your in
  5. LMAO this is AMAZING. +10 rep and a like from me.
  6. The music in the background makes it for me :yay:
  7. Lmfao. I don't say this to many, but #ElNino4Champ :dawg:

    This needs to be your theme. :boss1:

  8. Had to wait a few days to say it, but this is beast dude. Amazing job.
  9. :haha: Dolph's was right about the lurking. Thanks Aids
  10. Tempted to make a promo too, but I'll see whenever I have time.
  11. :mog: This was Godly
  12. I was never planning on leaving fed-x brother. Respect my Authoritah.
  13. @[CM Punk] If you do, that will be sweet. You and El Nino could have a YouTube flame
  14. :haha: Cm Punk isn't ready for El Nino
  15. If there is a youtube battle, it is Nino vs Stop. Mexico vs Sweeden.
  16. You mean El Nino isn't ready for Brian Messias. :haha:
  17. We'll just see about that. Tacos 4 life
  18. I am a VEGAN!