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  1. *Theme Hits*

    *Enters the ring*

    IWT Wrestlemania the last 2 weeks was shocking wasn't it? A hell of a lot of new champions. But who pulled the biggest shocker of all? Me, and me alone, an IWT rookie defeated a veteran in @Baraa. Now that proves a hell of a lot. And now with this IWT European Championship around my waist, a cheater in @HBK wants a match?! Ha, that's hilarious, a cheater wants a title that they don't even deserve? But I'm a humble man, and I am going to give you an offer, if you want a title shot, you'll get one. But, if anyone else wants one as well, It'll be however many people join. Hell, this can end up being a 6 man battle royal for all I give a damn. So if anyone wants a shot, step up in the challenge thread. But for now, I'll see you losers who want a shot later.

    *Throws mic across the ring and exits while *Theme Hits*

    Entering in the 1 contenders match is closed.
    Number 1 contenders match current participants:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
  2. I challenge you to a rock off....

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  3. The lights fade to black, and your champions theme hits followed by the blasting of pyro.

    The best of the night? No. The biggest upset of the night? Yes. You are our new Euro champion, and yet are so willing to give it up? I see why you started so low on the totem pole, let your new hero give you some advice. Face people in non title events to choose a #1 contender, and then make your match worthwhile to the PAYING consumers who want to see you lose, dont waste your time on any given house show!

    I am your champion people! and there is no opinion, greater than mine.
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  5. I didn't mean it. There is no way Chuckie T is in any fit mental state to challenge for a title. I mean he's done nothing but beat Pchavosky in a close battle but that seabs guy maybe he'd be a better challenge.
  6. I like your opinion, but I never claimed to be the best of the night. Don't try and put words in my mouth. But I do like your idea, so I'll think about it.
  7. i wasnt claiming you were, i was just putting emphasis on the fact i was the real winner of the night. WM was infected.
  8. *Theme plays*

    *I walk down to the ring with mic in hand*

    Well we all know there is clearly only one good European on this board. He's pretty suave and a nice guy at heart. Yeah I know it's me but if anyone should be Champion of Europe it should be the greatest power in Europe, yes Britain! That's why I'm submitting myself into this number one contenders match! I, Dan Bonne the Saint of Britain will finally be making my debut to get the title that's rightfully mine!
  9. Okay, so this is how this will go for all of you. I will ask Jonathan to hold a 1 contender match. Want to be in? Post here. The list of people currently in will be listed at the top.
  10. I'm down with this, may the best man win. (Me then) :pity:
  11. Theme hits

    Jonathan screwed down bitch
  12. When you have a list of all participants, let me know and I'll set the match up.
  14. Okay, thx @JJ Seabz