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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Aids Johnson, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Anyone else think this should at least be the userbar for tnaforums, which should be the site for when you click the tna link? Come on, crayon. This is pretty dope.
  2. How about the admins make an edited theme with the text being TNAForums and this as the other bit? That way we can choose between the two.

    Someone make this shit happen.
  3. Someone tag solidus. Even Anon blank pika.
  4. @[Crayo]

    EDIT: Damnit.



    Why aren't the people I need to tag taggable? :upset:
  5. That's awesome.
  6. Not using my other domain just for the TNA section, that's stupid. The banner is really nice but it won't happen, I wish you asked whoever made that to just remove Rock and replace it with a TNA star which I'm more than happy to do.

    As for a "TNA theme", what's the point?
  7. Put Bully Ray instead of the Rock.
  8. Would love to.
  9. Since I don't have the correct template or anything, I'll let someone else do it.
  10. Dont do that. Just had webx make it as a joke, and honestly, its awesome. Dont expect you to do that, just wanted to see if others felt the same way i do. It's an awesome bar, and keep the WWEforums rock as WWE. Change rock to HHH :lol1: But seriously, i think ill ask web to do another one, L2R Punk DZ Ambrose or DZ Punk DB.
  11. Rock should be Daniel Bryan, or Bobby Roode. :obama:
  12. If rock is Roode, Punk should be DB. :true:
  13. Should be Aries Punk Christian


  14. All i know is this is 7-1 and the only vote against is crayo. Lets put it to a forum vote, crayon. WWEF staring TNA stars.
  15. Roode please for the love of Joe Pesci
  16. Would be my preferred choice too. Webx tried but it didn't look right. Need Vince to come back.
  17. @[Crayo]
    I can do it if you give it to me
  18. NM then if that's the case. No Vince >> Having Roode on the banner
  19. Sounds a bit gay.

    Edit: Screw you Dolph's. I want TNA talent on there badly atm to solidify us as a wrestling forum and not just a WWE forum.
  20. Jesus christ Crayo just give it to me now and give it to me hard