Storyline New Franchise and New Signings

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  1. *Lord Lee and Luis Ovaldinho find themselves in a secluded car pack, the time of night meaning barely anyone is around. The pitch black sky being met with the illuminous glow of the nearby lamp posts makes for quite the visual atmosphere.*

    Lord Lee: Looks like you’re on the Warfare brand Luis. Honestly this is perfect for your career! The mix of competitors is particularly promising. From guys you can tear limb from limb to big name stars who will give you the experience of being at the highest level of this industry. I’m so damn sure you’ll be a star by this time next year. But, a businessman and wrestling tactician like me, Lord Lee has so much knowledge and expertise… that I must manage, more than just one superstar…I must manage a franchise!

    Ovaldinho: Huh?....

    Lord Lee: I have plans to form the Heyman Hustle that never was. Young & hungry competitors that fight like athletes and present themselves like superstars! You WILL be the face of this Luis, when you & this franchise are wanted Worldwide. Under Armour? You’ll have a deal! Adidas? First wrestler in history to sign a deal with them! Heck, name a brand and they’ll be calling me 24/7 for your face on their billboards. That sound good to you?

    *Ovaldinho presents himself with a borderline shit-eating grin, but eyes find themselves stuck in a state of intense contemplation*

    Ovaldinho: Well….uhh, I mean, that sounds pretty incredible.

    *Lord Lee rubs his hands triumphantly*

    Lord Lee
    : Perfect. But, this franchise is always looking for new talent to bolster our image. Now, cast back to IWT Mania, you defeating and subsequently wiping Big Drag out of the IWT in one foul swoop. You wouldn’t believe it, but a fellow wrestler, looking to join IWT was in attendance and they LOVED what you brought in your IWT debut. They contacted me about making something work. I hope you’re ready to meet your new associate..

    *Luis is met by a soft touch of the shoulder by a mysterious figure behind him, a slight shiver goes down his spine*
    ???: Don't just stand there and do nothing, sunshine.​

    *Luis turns, and to his further state of shock, he doesn’t see anything like what he was expecting*

    *Before his eyes stands a familiar young-looking woman of medium stature resting on a wall. The undulated pale golden hair, the sumptuously rich and thick red lipstick, her jaded outward character, the vagrant purposely decrepit-looking wrestling all adds up to remind a bewildered Luis of a certain someone making it to the front covers of wrestling mags at a point in history . The mysterious woman bear-foot and dressed in khaki approaches them with a complacent half-smile half-pout thing going on. She fixes her blooming and adorned hair onto one side and raises an eyebrow to Lord Lee.*
    Lord Lee: Now now Luis, don’t be so timid, Raine. She has got potential, believe me. Victoria Parker may be seen a stretch to compare but Raine might already be Rita Kendall tier. I teamed with Rita, I know this for a fact.

    Raine: Well, well, it looks like you have finally summoned the right partner in crime. I knew it wasn't going to be long until you'd see me down these streets and transform yet another ring into my home. Enough of me though, dear Luis, it is my right to express my admiration for your extremely polished wrestling out there against Big Drag alone. The magnetic thrill to be there in person and become a fan there and then blew me away to Saturn's fowl-smelling clouds (I swear it wasn't the leftover herb medley I had that day). That said, amigo, I have a sacred warm feeling that you and me are going to cook a lot of tasty kickassery out there. I'm counting on you.

    *she transitions the smugness that was left in her face to an impish smirk*

    Ovaldinho: Heh..well, you know, you can count on me, am-..igo *subtle gulp*. Glad to be partners. Bu-but not like *that* way, but like, as wrestlers working together.. of course.

    Lord Lee: So it’s settled. This tantalising brand kicks off from this moment forward. You two better get to know eachother.

    *Lord Lee chuckles, patting Ovaldinho on the chest as he waltzes off with a wide grin of optimism radiating from his face*

    *Raine and Luis are left staring at eachother, Luis just about keeping eye-contact. Regardless, Luis takes the initiative, reaching his arm out. Raine proceeds to firmly grasp Luis’ hand and the pair shake hands, the start off a blossoming partnership on the cards*

    OOC: Aye aye bless up, glad to introduce @Chrxsiie to IWT. She wrote her dialog lines so this was combined effort, so to speak.
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  2. Amazing promo from both. Is this a tag team, as well as an alliance?