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  1. I'd like to start off by saying I don't want to start any drama. If any posts even show a hint of flaming it will be erased by super duper strict moderator, the swedish terminator, @Stopspot .

    I've been speaking with a couple of people over the past week and it seems like the consensus is that we'd like a new General Manager. I'm not saying Jonathan is bad. In fact I think we can all agree when it comes to doing the match threads and organization wise, Jonathan's done okay. However, on the flip side of that portion of the competitors in the IWT, including some members of the IWT creative team feel like Jonathan doesn't collaborate well with others. There's been instances where ideas were shot down simply because Jonathan didn't like them, ideas that wouldn't cause dramatic change if they were to fail. Now I'm sure some of the competitors will can post the specifics about this, so I won't get in to it. Members of creative have also stated to me that they barely know what's going on in the IWT because Jonathan doesn't share his ideas (cards, storylines, events) with the group as often as he should be, especially since his plans often if not always effect the bulk of the IWT.

    What I'm proposing is replacing Jonathan as the GM of IWT. Now before you all jump to conclusions, It's not gonna be me. We tried that when school started for me and there's no way that's gonna happen with my next semester in a few days. On top of that I'm pretty immature and I probably won't make in through this thread without mentioning penis, like i did just there. However, I spoke with a couple people and the person that would be the best candidate for the job would be @Shadow . Shadow is active, he's available to talk to, generally a nice guy, pays attention to the undercard of the IWT, reads threads regularly, and is very open to collaboration, rather than dictation. On top of that he's a competitor, so he'll probably be able to relate to the members of the IWT better. However, this does not mean we're trying to kick Jonathan from the IWT. In fact, if possible, we'd like Jonathan to stay on IWT creative. His does very well with organization and things run very smoothly under him. Jonathan should be a part of the IWT, but I think we would do better if we had Shadow in charge as the new general manager.

    I've spoken to Crayo and he'll back the majority opinion in the poll.
  2. I agree. Jonathan is a nigga.
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  3. *starting out, at college and the shift key is super broken, excuse the grammar :lol1:*

    I don't collaborate well with others?

    http://wweforums.net/threads/general-storyline-shit-discussion-thread.26681/ (constantly updated by everyone with ideas they get from people)

    Theres 3 threads right there. Only creative can see them, but the first one, @Aids Johnson's suggestions... 3 replies, 1 by me, 2 by Punk. No reply from other creative. Every single thread in that section if I have ideas from people I share them, and Shadow and GG usually contribute their ideas also. Punk is almost non-existent in there, if we're being honest.

    The third one, i copy/pasted a PM from Fail where he was looking for ideas, and I asked the creative team for responses? How many did I get? Absolutely zero.

    I might not be the most "friendliest" user at times, but when it comes to IWT I don't use past experiences against people, @Slim Shady can confirm that when I've been helping him of late.

    Who are these people? I have a fairly good idea of who I think it is tbh.

    Give me some of these ideas that I've shot down "simply because I didn't like them"

    You're right, I didn't do the Rumble card, I've been busy so shadow did it. Is that a crime? Don't think so. however, every other show I've had a card (of some sort, complete or incomplete with peoples plans) up at least 2 weeks before events.

    I'm always available to talk to, and I am actually a nice guy believe it or not. I don't hold grudges against people, you think I'd still be here if I did? I'd have quit long ago with the barrages of abuse I get daily from Crayo :lol1:

    I pay attention to all of IWT, and for you to say, or suggest, that I don't is quite frankly wrong. Every weekend I read through the entire weeks threads, sure I might not post on every thread, but does brad maddox come out and congratulate every competitor on their match?

    Anytime someone comes to me I give them as much help as I can, i don't dictate to people. Hell ask @gav the chav and @B.Dazzle i have a massive PM with them currently talking over their angle at the Rumble regarding whether or not it'll be a match for the belts, and they've made numerous suggestions that are better than what I've thought of, I didn't dictate to them that they must do.

    Being a competitor has no relevance to being a "gm" - I could be a competitor if I wanted to, I don't.

    This is definitely personal from you and the people "who you've spoken to".
  4. I wasn't in that chat and I said keep you as GM. But if you want to call me non-existent, okay. :okay:
  5. You didn't vote me in the poll though did you :pity1:
  6. Not personal at all. Note how I did not use the word "fat" anywhere in that OP. I'm trying to be as professional as possible about this. If this goes your way, I'm not gonna have a problem with it, but there are people here who've spoken to about having issues with you as GM on multiple occasions. Since no one is stepping up, I gotta be the bad guy, again.
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  7. You have a suggestion thread for suggestions made by me in creative? lol i cant see the link, but i know 3 suggestions i've made that have happened. I have gotten 0 credit for them, but it is what it is.

    I voted shadow for simple logic - 0 repercussions for what happened in the IC match, the lack of additions to creative via your veto's, and lack of certain builds being made/maintained. I say you can still be in creative and help out here, but having at the very least a Co-GM and 2 more additions to creative is a must. I won't be in creative, and i am glad my suggestions at least have some clout here, but having random #1 contender matches with 0 build, the horrible round robin tag team tourney, and the fact people are not being required to defend their belt as the rules state are enough for me to feel we need a change.
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  8. So tell me who they are then. I don't care what they think, I'm not going to "rage" at them, just wanna know who it is.

    I always find it funny when people have issues but they ain't man enough to just tell you yourself.
  9. Not yet. :jesse:
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  10. I disagree with this statement. The section was pretty inactive until recently. And by that, I mean I got sick and the section got semi-active. Also, most of my IWT work has been done through PM's. I PM'd Danny/Dat Kid back in December, Shadow/Stop recently along with Adam, Rodrigo and Aids.
  11. If they feel the need to say something they will. This is not about being a "man". No ones gonna be a man behind a keyboard. This is about improving the section we have, not about you.

  12. Yep:


    I did just laugh though, looking at that PM where you said put the World title on Ovalhead and you're saying there's #1 contenders matches with no build.

    out of curiosity, what are the suggestion you made that you got no credit?

    What happened in the IC title match? Dude, there have barely been any suggestions in creative for me to veto, lmfao. That's the point. People are saying like it's me denying everything, no one brings anything to me. You and Sackfist (who isn't even a competitor) give me more suggestions than anyone else. How's that for irony.

    I did have 2 more people I was considering adding to creative, and that was @Trip in the Head and @gav the chav - Trip doesn't suggest much but his promos are always solid and he has a good understanding for me. Gav, he doesn't suggest ideas to change IWT as a whole but in the PM I referenced earlier, he's definitely got a "creative" mind with his ideas. Feel free to apply guys and i'll accept you's.

    Everyone who i spoke to about the tag tournament thought it was a good idea. What's bad about it? It's 4 solid teams competing in a "league table" type deal where they can earn a shot at the belts at Mania. What's bad about that? It's called trying to build the division up...

    You want to know why i have to pick people from random for title shots/#1 contenders? because no one ever comes to me and says "hey, me and X are looking to have a match at X show. We're going to build it up over the next few weeks." - no one EVER does that. Maybe B.Dazzle, to give the guy credit. But 99% of other people, nope. What am I supposed to do? Book a show with 3 matches?

    The whole title defense rule is never really enforced, but if it's something you guys want then I can get on it. I believe David hasn't defended his title since 15th December, so it'll be just over a month when he defends it at the Rumble against THG?
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  13. Yeah, it ain't the most active section, but it shouldn't be. It's used to plan and share ideas not to talk about cats :lol1:

    Fair play then if that's the case, but obviously i don't know what you're saying in PMs. why not share it in the creative section then?
  14. Of course it isn't, but surely it's better to tell people yourself instead of just using you as a scapegoat.
  15. I'm not gonna lie, I'd much have it that way and I hope they tell you themselves in this thread
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  16. Give me 10k and I'll tell you. :bitw:
    I'm just helping peeps with storylines and build.
  17. i know you would, and I respect you for that. Hopefully they do.
  18. I don't think I really have to say anything, your attitude in this thread is a bit embarrassing dude.
  19. Buuuut I will, gimme a minute
  20. I thought you didn't have anything to say? :lol1:

    My attitude? Because I'm defending myself? Oh shit, sorry. I'll go back to being inactive here like I am all the time allegedly.
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