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  1. Basics -
    - IWT is an e-fed. Here you will assume the role as a character in a fantasy universe. You cut promos, build matches, develop your character, sprout storylines, attain titles and accomplishments.
    - You can do as you wish, but anything that has to do with homicidal actions, murder or sexual abuse towards another person or character will result in an automatic No Contest. The character will job to their opponent and persistent violations will result in expulsion, without another warning. If something is warranted with the agreement of the victim member, you are off the hook. But excessive violations will be handled with punishment regardless of consent.
    - Roleplays, as in having characters do something, without the characters consent will result in a No Contest. 2 further violations will result in Expulsion.
    - Attacking NPC such as announcers, interviewers etc is allowed but constantly attacking will result in a warning
    - Attacking the audience is allowed, but constantly attacking will result in a warning.

    Promos -
    - Make sure to have them under a "Storyline" prefix.
    - If we learn that you are getting your promos written by another person, you will be punished. Punishment varies depending on the degree of the violation.
    - Collaborations require the credit for both competitors.
    - Not competing in your match, without a valid reason has a 3 strike limit as well. The 1st strike results in a No Contest, and will lead for your character to job out. 2nd will be the same as the 1st, and if the 3rd is reached a 2 event suspension following up with an indefinite suspension if it's reached to 4-5.
    - If you're gonna delete or edit your promo, please tell your opponent, unless it's minor or quick. This only applies if both competitors are online at the same time.
    - PPV and Dark/Pre/Post show and VICE matches will be done via live promos

    Voting -
    - IWT voting is done publicly amongst the notable members, and IWT competitors.
    - After a certain amount of time is complete, results, depending on who had attained the most votes, will be announced.
    - It is important to base your vote off of who did better, who entertained, who was more creative and who delivered better.
    - You can only vote if you are an IWT participant or have achieved over 100 posts, in the general forums.
    - Voting for yourself or getting a member/friend to vote for you warrants a 2nd Degree Punishment
    - You may not ask, pander or self-promote votes to sway the decision, in any platform
    - Partners and stablemates may not vote in each-others matches.
    - If you are proven to be biasly voting, you will handed a 3rd Degree Punishment

    Extra -
    - You can ask for a match, even if it's not at an event.
    - These matches will not count in terms of future booking position.
    - Solely for the improvement, preparation and enjoyment of the competitors involved.
    - Promos posted during a Non-Event time period should not be taking place at events.
    - You are free to post, build, challenge any feud, character or segment you wish during this time.
    - Title Matches are free to take place if the competitors involved give their consent.
    - If you want, you can Private Message any of the Creative members, your promo, and it will be inserted into the show.
    - Any promos posted within a weeks time of a show, will be integrated into the show.
    - IWT Champions must defend their title at least once in a thirty day period
    - Those who lost their IWT championship will have a rematch at the following, major, event
    - If you postpone, leave, retire, quit or get fired at any point after losing your title, your rematch clause is null and void.

    How IWT Creative (Staff) Works -
    - If you wish to contact IWT Management, you can contact @Tsar, @Shadow, @Jacob Fox, @THG? @TNHOffical or @Nickelodeon (NOTE - Staff subject to change)
    - IWT Writers write matches and compile them within a single thread, along with other angles, interviews and promos to form a single show.
    - All matches will take place in public, as well as voting.
    - You may leave suggestions and questions here
    - IWT Creative discusses almost all, serious and understandable suggestions.
    - Attempting to overthrow/kick out members of Creative, covertly, is punishable with a 3rd Degree punishment.

    Discontent -
    - If you feel that your placement in the IWT is not living up to your standards, feel free to contact IWT Creative members.
    - Petitions and other forms can be open to public voting, and will be discussed within IWT Creative
    - Excessively insulting, with the intent to hurt, pushing or annoying any member of IWT Creative is punishable with a 1st or 2nd degree punishment.
    - The above rule can only be issued by IWT General Manager, @Roadster

    Punishments -
    1st Degree (minor violations): Match loss; Absence from card; Demotion
    2nd Degree (semi-major violations): Match loss; Match losses; Event ban; Suspension
    3rd Degree (major violations): Match loss; Match losses; Event bans; Suspension; Expulsion
    - A strike is the equivalent to a warning.
    - 3 warnings will result in either suspension or firing.
    - Being suspended, bans you from being active in the IWT section, for a set amount of time. You may return and have full privileges after your sentence has been served.
    - Being fired, bans your from being active in the IWT section, permanently. You may return if IWT Creative decides you may return.
    - Failing to stay away while under suspension or being fired, will result in a report to higher moderators.
    - Constant problems will lead to a section ban.
    - Failure to defend your IWT Championship, at least once in a thirty day period, will result in a strike and you will be stripped of your IWT title.

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