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  1. There will be another new James Bond movie added to the current list of many installments of the classic character.. the movie will start shooting in Rome 2015 and will continue off of the current trilogy of Daniel Craig movies that the studios currently have going.. The villain for the movie has been cast as of the past several hours ago and the person playing the character of Ernest Stavro Blofield, a classic Bond villain will be played by Christph Waltz.. Waltz has been best known for Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained as of late.

    I think this is a great casting job and he seems like he will play a solid villain, I've been a fan of Waltz ever since I first have seen him.. He's done very well acting jobs in almost everything I've seen him in.. Let's hope he does a pretty solid job as a Bond villain.. especially in this Daniel Craig's Bond series.. I'm not particularly a fan of him myself but the movies themselves haven't been too terrible.
  2. Batista is confirmed as the main henchman
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  3. Yeah I saw that, he should be alright as 'Mister Hinx' .. I assume he won't have a CRAZY amount of lines but it does seem like he'll have a decent bit of "action" in the new movie.
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