New match added to No Way Out. Santino vs Ricardo

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  1. Ricardo Rodriquez and Santino Marella have gotten a match added to the No Way Out card. The two will settle their feud in a Tuxedo Match.

    They're seriously ending a comedy feud on a PPV. :dawg:

  2. Will JR's BBQ Sauce be involved?
  3. What's the fucking point
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  4. Wow, we traded Lingerie matches in the AE to Tuxedo Matches. This makes me want to watch the PPV even less. Ricardo literally was a huge pussy in the match, and should have had Beth Phoenix face Santino and he still would have been worked by Layla. NO us title match, just a second match to make people say "well the diva's match wasnt the worst thing on tonight."
  5. I can't wait to see two men try to take each other's clothes off.
  6. I skipped over the part that it was a tuxedo match.

    Suck my dick WWE. Wrestling doesn't catch enough flack for being gay, let's put on a match stipulation where the winner is the guy that takes the others clothes off

    Let's take time off potentially awesome matches like Christian/Rhodes and Ziggler/Sheamus so we can sit through 10 minutes of this bullshit.

    No gif or smiley that I could use here would justify how fucking retarded this is.
  7. Bad decision, stupid comedy match will make other matches lose valuable time. And I'm trying not to rage here. A run in could make it a little better, with some heel attacking Santino and going for his title. Maybe someone from NXT.

    Silly me. :dawg:
  8. I'm going to laugh my ass off if Ricardo was making his whole "I'm a pussy" thing an act and he knows every form of martial arts and destroys Santino before removing his clothes off that sexy, sweet, strong, soothing, Italian stud. Oh baby <3
  9. Santino and Ricardo wrestling a serious match out of nowhere would make me crack up for a change, since they're able to do it. Leaving the whole comedy aside and having an actual contest, no one would wait for it. Would be cool, I guess. :dawg:
  10. This match would be a waste of time even on Raw or Smackdown...
  11. Didn't a report once say WWE takes comedy writers from failed series'? It shows.
  12. I checked out a wanted ad for a creative writer for WWE last week. Said 3 years of tv writing experience so yeah....