Hockey New NHL 14-15 Discussion Thread

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  1. So, there was already a thread posted about the NHL that isn't doing well. So I'm going to redo it in different format and see if it attracts different viewers, you can also post about the AHL

    NHL is the National Hockey League. Starting off with 6 teams the NHL is almost 100 years old and has 30 team with 1 Stanley Cup!
    AHL is the American Hockey League. It is where the skaters not ready for the NHL go. Each NHL team has a AHL farm team.

    NHL Teams:
    -Detroit Red Wings
    -San Jose Sharks
    -New York Rangers
    -Toronto Maple Leafs
    -New Jersey Devils
    -New York Islanders
    -Ottawa Senators
    -Dallas Stars
    -Los Angeles Kings
    -Minnesota Wild
    -Montreal Canadiens
    -Edmonton Oilers
    -Calgary Flames
    -Vancouver Canucks
    -Winnipeg Jets
    -Philadelphia Flyers
    -Boston Bruins
    -Columbus Blue Jackets
    -Nashville Predators
    -Buffalo Sabres
    -Florida Panthers
    -St. Louis Blues
    -Chicago Blackhawks
    -Pittsburgh Penguins
    -Carolina Hurricane
    -Arizona Coyotes
    -Tampa Bay Lightning
    -Anaheim Ducks
    -Colorado Avalanche

    Enjoy chatting!

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