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  1. I don't even know if you guys are taking these @Solidus @Stopspot , but I know I would use a rating that was along the lines of "not surprised" or "un-suprised" pretty often. Maybe "typical" would be better? (shorter word at least) I dunno, just a thought.
  2. Interesting idea, Trip. 'Not surprised' or 'typical' is something I'd use, too. Heck, something like 'Pipebomb!' would be cool to have, as well.
  3. What about touché/good point
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    Those two kind of go hand and hand with Zing and Burn I think. Not exactly, but pretty close.

    EDIT: Not that Pipebomb wouldn't be a more WWE associated rating. This being the WWE forum and all. :jericho:
  5. Super Pipebomb Return confirmed. #Where'sGohan?
  6. Bring back the Pipebomb and bring back Frank.
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  7. Typical sounds good, would replace something else with it. No idea what icon could represent "typical" though.
  8. A small U C Me logo
  9. Oh true, never thought of what the icon could be. :hmm: Guess I'd have to know what's available to really be of any assistance though.
  10. I was thinking of the rocks - it doesn't matter what you think. But that is on the same lines of disagree.
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  11. "it doesn't matter what you think" is really long too
  12. We could have Jr's head for BYGAWD!. Not sure what it would be used for
  13. the bo dallas smiley.
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