New Raw commercial promoting 3-hour show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. This is the commercial @[MarkyMark] and I mentioned seeing at the end of Raw tonight, for those who missed it and asked about it:

  2. It's hilarious.
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  3. :haha: DAT ENDING
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  4. I love it. :emoji_slight_smile: Thought it was hilarious. It was better than many of the Raw segments.
  5. Best parts:
    Kane chilling in his mask "I have to bake a cake"
    Fat ass Big Show being a fat ass "Oaahhh Cake"
    Punk randomly making photocopies of his belt
    Khali being useful for once but why would he walk in with the glove already on and then snap it haha

    Funny how this is the only thing that happened tonight that I wanted to rewatch lol
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    Marking for Kane :yay:
  7. Great commercial. Fat ass Big Show, Punk lost in Kuwait/making photocopies of the belt (thanks for pointing it out Marky, I didn't even notice it) and Vince's face when Khali shows up. :dawg:
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  8. I would love to see kane bake a cake lol
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  9. im guessing it would be devil's food cake :isee:
  11. Not avaiable in mine as well. :sad:

    Try It's there too.
  12. [yt]http:emoji_confused:/[/yt]

    That works. Fucking hilarious.
  13. That fat ass Big Show :steiner:
  14. Lmao. Kane bit made me lol.
  15. Oops, sorry. :sad: Didn't realize the YouTube link wouldn't work for you guys.
  16. WWE is racist towards UK and Brasil :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. I can't watch NXT and Superstars from their site, it's blocked here as well. :upset:

    Damn racists.
  18. I wish they would do backstage segments like this :lol1:
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  19. That was brilliant :haha:, could have done with a longer advert for it.
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