New stars?

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  1. So guys, we all have noticed that after Wrestlemania a few new guys have shown up on Raw and Smackdown. Some of them were in WWE before, but have been repackaged with a new gimmick, a few are coming from FCW and I'll consider "new" guys coming from NXT to the main shows recently. For example:

    Lord Tensai
    Damien Sandow
    Antonio Cesaro
    Darren Young & Titus O'Neil

    What do you think about their gimmicks? Do they play it well? Are they good in the ring? What did you think of them in their previous run/FCW/NXT? Will they achieve success in WWE? Will other new guys be brought up in the near future? Let's discuss.
  2. Nice thread.

    Tensai is the most controversial so I'll start with him first. I'm a fan of his ring work, I don't HATE the gimmick, I just hate the fact that no one can speak. In the ring he plays the monster role well, and he sort of looks the part. But I don't want him near the main event, he kills crowds. Give him a manager who can speak.

    Ryback has impressed me so much. I knew as soon as he was a heel after NXT that he'll be a star. He was the most impressive member of Nexus behind Barrett, and has shown why. When he wrestled every impact looks like it hurts, which is rare in WWE now'adays. He has a great gimmick imo, he's a badass face which we all want. I'm interested to see where it's going.

    Couldn't acre about Damien Sandow.

    Cesaro impressed me a lot. I love his moveset, I'm glad he's allowed to do those types of moves in WWE. He got himself over pretty quickly just by doing those.

    I never thought I'd say this, but Darren Young & Titus are incredibly funny. Their backstage segment on SmackDown was hilarious, if they're given this gimmick permanently, IE, more funny segments but backing it up in the ring - I'll become a fan most definitely.
  3. I like Tensai's gimmick, it's different. I understand why crowds don't really like it though, his first matches were slow paced squash matches, it would kill them. He should cut interviews in english and say that american fans didn't respect his and the japanese ones did, things like that. Or find a manager who would speak for him, that would be good.

    Ryback... I love it. I love him just destroying everyone, and that clothesline... damn. He can wrestle, can talk, has the looks and I think he's on Vince's good graces. I just hope they stop the squashes ASAP though, people will start to get sick of him. Have him squash a heel midcarder, say... Jack Swagger. It's a good start.

    Sandow has a good gimmick too. Reminds me of Bob Backlund, trashing the current generation and resorting to older values... I'd like to use that gimmick myself if I were a wrestler.

    They dropped the ball with Cesaro in my opinion. They could've done so many things with him, very european, arrogant, anti american, and they went with "former rugby player"? When I heard his theme song and saw his tron, I felt something bad inside. It's nice he's already involved in a storyline, but with this gimmick... the other guys have good gimmicks, why not CC too?

    Young & O'Neil are doing very well, and I also found them funny. It's good they were brought up as a tag team and say they want the gold, it helps the division. They should pick another finisher though, they nearly broke Tatsu's neck with that powerbomb.

    Another guy I forgot to mention is AW, I'll edit the first post...