New Tennessee Law To Jail Pregant Women Who Use

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  1. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) signed a bill into law on Tuesday that is the first law in the country to authorize the arrest and incarceration of women who use drugs while pregnant. Reproductive and civil rights advocates had strongly urged Haslam to veto the legislation.
    "I understand the concerns about this bill, and I will be monitoring the impact of the law through regular updates with the court system and health professionals," Haslam said in a statement.

    Here are the details of what this law will do in the state of Tennessee.

    "Allows a woman to be prosecuted for assault if she takes a narcotic drug while pregnant and the baby is born addicted, Is harmed or dies because of the drug. The woman can avoid criminal charges if she completes a state treatment program. "

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  2. Good job Tennessee! Hopefully this will make some think twice before using whilst pregnant, or cause them to avoid getting pregnant at all if they're addicts.
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  3. Fuck that, more personal freedoms down the crapper. A woman's body is her own (so is anyone's for that matter) and she should be able to do what she wants to it. Not saying I think all pregnant women should do drugs or anything stupid like that, but I thought Republicans were all for less government intrusion into our lives. Guess that only applies when we are not talking about pregnant women as they seem to have so many opinions on what a women can do once on of her embryos gets fertilized.
  4. I'm a resident of Tennessee, so I'm glad to see a sensible law like this one enforced.
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  5. I'm usually on Trip's side, but not with a child who hasn't had a chance to do anything with his/her body is involved. Big props to the Gov for trying with this but I doubt this will help, just like drunk driving hasn't been stopped any.

    Plus drugs are already illegal of course, so there's really no point to this.
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  6. Exactly this^

    I really get tired of the "when does life begin?" debate. We're so worried about babies that haven't even been born yet in the US when there are already living children on other parts this planet that are dying from starvation and disease every day.
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  7. I didn't read the article, but it could be (and probably is) referring to the use of tobacco and alcohol consumption as well, both which are legal but can have a negative effect on an unborn baby.
  8. I can understand. Assume we won't be pregnant soon so there's not that much of a reason for us to read it.

    But that would make sense for them to do.
  9. Once she's pregnant it's not just her body anymore. As a guy with kids I'm surprised you have this view. You'd accept your wife saying to you that she can shoot heroin all she wants cause it's her body while pregnant with a child she conceived with you?
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  10. I hate to say it but there needs to be a way of stopping people who cant afford and deserve kids having them. Its a waste of a god damn life and shits on families who cant have there own when unfit mothers pop em out constantly. I love free speech and human rights but ffs its ridiculous when drugged up fuck ups sprout out multiple kids. There is a huge difference between letting your hair down and being a waste of space no life. To put this in context my sister cant have kids and watching her have to deal with so many fuck ups pop em out whilst she cant have any really upsets me. Plus unless you in a stable relationship and earning serious dough you cant even adopt giving less opportunity to a lot of deserving mothers who dont have it all but would give everything. My rents weren't rich but every pound they earned went on us kids and with all the love and care I got and still get I'm doing ok.
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