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  1. We had this thread months ago from what I can remember so if need be any mod combine the two.

    But please can we get rid of Orton, Cena and Rey at the top and put stars we care bout? I reckon it should change every couple of months anyways on a vote by us on the forum to show our current faves in the WWE as it's WWEforums.

  2. He's working on a new one if I recall correctly.
  3. Cheers Leo I know we had discussed this a while back but I wasn't aware of anything happening!
  4. I also want it changed, I'm in contact with a theme designer (or was, it's slowed down recently as she's busy) to get it changed. But it's a lengthy process at the moment. I know those three are possibly the worst to have up there, but unless we simply change the wrestlers and keep that style it might be that way for a little while longer. I was speaking to Solidus about this today actually and he said some wise words. Administrators always want to change things constantly, but if it's not broken, don't fix it. Though many users have wanted this changed so it's something I WILL change eventually when we can.

    Also it's important to note, if we change the style of the image then the whole header itself has to change which is a drastic move. I enquired about a complete header redesign with a top designer at MyBB and he wanted $100 for it, something I wasn't willing to pay for something so small in importance here when I could invest in better things. Though the other girl I'm speaking to is requesting a much cheaper price ($40 I think).
  5. Fair enough Crayo did not realise that something that seems so simple could be so expensive. And the saying is true if it aint broke yeah dont fix it.
  6. I was too shocked, though I did ask the best of the best (from their reputation anyway). It's not simple but it's not like a whole theme design either, but I understand why they charge so high.

    If we simply changed the wrestlers, there would be the issue with who to put there. I remember last time we had a thread asking there was like 10+ wrestlers nominated lmao.
  7. True but if you put the entire active roster in a poll and took a vote you would just pick the top three.
  8. Could do. The trolls might up vote Khali, Cena and Hornswoggle -.- lmao.
  9. Yeah fair point but obvs you could use ur discretion and the other mods if they vote was rigged or trolled in anyway.
  10. Don't include those three please....
  11. Leave it as an open poll where people have to justify their votes then, if they're trolling don't count their votes, I guess. But if I were you, I just wouldn't put Khali and Hornswoggle on the poll to start with. :dawg:
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  12. Khali or riot, either that or Maryse naked x3.
  13. Mickie, Lita and Steph
  14. HHH, Bob Backlund and DB. :gusta:
  15. Cactus, Mankind and Dude
  16. Me, Crayo and Xabth.
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  17. Couldn't fit Xanth in that space!
  18. We'd crop him down to 3 chins and 4 jelly rolls.
  19. :win:
  20. Farooq and Bradshaw and rename the forum APA