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  1. Ok who was working on the new title designs? I think it was @Tsar , @RedDwarfTechy , and @Shadow ?

    Could you guys consolidate what you came up with to this thread please?
  2. Haven't actually had time to work on the renders, I will get some time today and tomorrow though so I will definitely put anything I come up with here. @Shadow had the renders on the other thread of the 2k14 belts if anyone is wondering.
  3. I just wanted to get them all in one thread dedicated to picking out the new titles. Cause I guess that needs to be done for when SS is over (which is later today)
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  4. Curious as to how we're going to update the titles, cause, any Photoshop attempt on top of an actual title is gonna look pretty bad. So I presume someone has made titles from scratch?
  5. One method was the WWE 2K14 custom title renders and working on that, I just never had time to do it :(
  6. Thats what I'm getting at. We had some decent ones that I remember seeing. Since Dat Kid trashed the two current ones we need new ones IMO.
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  7. The say what now? Got a link?
  8. courtesy of Shadow (open)


  9. :blackshock::kitler::silva:

    Not gonna lie they suck. Too plain and boring, IMO.

    Also, it's up to the champion to pick whatever title they want. That's the rules :dawg:
  10. This is in 2K14??? How did you export them out? I have 2K14 and I could try my hand at it (if I ever had time)
  11. Those would have to be edited ofcourse :p Atleast that's my thinking of it, those are just the base templates XD
  12. Well I don't think they are done, duh. Too plain. And I think this one time it will be me who picks. They can change it after if they want IMO
  13. I use Elgato so i just took screenshots with it, and Shadow did the hard part of getting them with transparent BGs and all that :)
  14. Damn I don't know how to do all that :boohoo:
  15. Uh :nope: stop being a dictader! If that was me.... boy :dawg:
  16. Well I've already mentioned holding an "Award Ceremony" thread after the match to announce the new belts. No complaints yet. Maybe I'm just better at it then you are??? :heenan:
  17. What you could do is design something, upload it, tell me your PSN name and i'll download it, apply it on the titles and take the shots.

    Tagging @Butters! because he knows more about the upload/download side of 2k14.
  18. Ahhhh PSN!? I have a 360, not a PS3
  19. Dayum. Well @Butters! has a 360 so he should definitely be able to help :)

    I think X360 you can even export without Elgato or anything, something to do with HDDs and stuff. He might be able to tell you :)
  20. You could announce them, but the champion could still give you the images to use beforehand
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