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    I was thinking about making a new title. A 2K14 World Championship (subject to name change) for the IWT. I know that there is already a 2K League currently, but I would do this a bit differently and it wouldn't be a league of it's own, just a division in the IWT. Not to overwhelm everyone I'll highlight how this division would function

    - 1 World Title that can be defended 2 ways
    - The first way would be a 2K14 match, where the winner is determined by a match on WWE 2K14.
    - Now the problem lies within different consoles, so the 2nd way would be promo battle. That way PS3 users and Xbox users can compete for the same title.

    -The winner of the match must be confirmed via photo of the match results screen. (The screen that comes up after a match has finished.) However, if you can provide a video recording for the match, it would be more entertaining.
    -All competitors are REQUIRED to use the same character they use in IWT, which means your character must be a created superstar. Overalls can not be higher than 95.

    Now if you guys like the idea we can give a shot in dark matches until @Jonathan feels that it is capable of being on the card.

    And if this is implemented we'll need someone to design the title as well as give it a name cause 2K14 Championship seems lame

    Edit: At the end of each rivalry I might use the story creator and put all promos, attacks, matches together for download, so users can play the rivalries.

    2nd Edit: Just to clarify, this does not affect the rest of the IWT, all that stays the same.
  2. Don't like this idea at all personally.
  3. Nobody asked what you liked personally. This isn't personal, this is business [​IMG]
  4. Lets do it. Pretty much... almost all of IWT plays Xbox.
  5. I'm down, on the PS3 side.
  6. I do not own 2k14 so this doesn't concern me, but I think you could at least give it one shot.
  7. I wasn't aware many people still played 2K14, but I say go for it.
  8. So it would be a division in IWT?
  9. I can't really see this at all. It's some internet stuff, but some negative points:
    1. Losing activity in this section
    2. Players MUST get online at the same time which can be really difficult. Lets say Farooq wants to fight Eddy and Farooq can only get on at 5pm his time. Eddy wouldn't be able to compete as it's 4am Eddy's time.
    3. Winner wouldn't be decided by the guys in this forums which isn't what IWT is about, people picking the winner of the match based on the promos we write.
    4. People MUST have 2K14 so that'd limit part of the members of this fed to compete for that title.
    Can't think of more negative things right now... Well, in the other hand, we would have videos which would be pretty funny to watch and matches would finally be decided by who is the best and would give it a more realistic look...

    My vote goes for no since there are more cons than pros.
  10. Yep
  11. Ah, I was thinking it would change IWT to video games. I don't see why it can't be implemented
  12. 1. Build up promos would still be in the section and no one would be leaving IWT. The only thing that wouldn't be in the section would be the matches and promo matches are also an option for defending the title.
    2. Promo matches could be implemented if the competitors can't agree on a time.
    3. There are other matches where the public doesn't get to vote, submission and special guest, as well as the rumble, just to name some off the top of my head. However, I will admit that you have a point there.
    4. The majority has the game, but you also have a point there as well.
  13. That'd be terrible if it were
  14. Two main reasons I don't like this:

    IWT is all about promos (bar submission matches, special guest ref. no longer exists) so this takes away from the core of IWT.
    Not everyone has 2k14 so it's unfair on those that don't.
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  15. Point taken for the 1st, but there's 4 other title divisions in the IWT, so I don't see much of a loss for those few individuals
    1. I think lots of the users in here would go for the 2K14 title because they love videogames and it's easier for them because they wouldn't have to cut promos or create storylines.
    2. That'd be cool.
    3. As Jono said, those matches no longer exist... I liked the special guest ref match because one vote was for the public and the other two votes were for some well-knwon IWT members, so this would be something really new and people could get to a deal on who should win...
    4. I do have the game, but some others don't even own an Xbox or PS... That'd be like gaming racism.
  16. It's not a case of how many divisions there are, it's the fact that that title is limited to only certain competitors which isn't fair.
  17. You're missing the point.
    The majority of the members have the game and will be able to compete. Those who don't have the game will be excluded unless they get the game. However, there are 4 other titles in the entire IWT, it's not like we're excluding them from the entire e-fed. There's nothing "unfair about it". If they want to be in the division so badly they can go pick up the game.

    However, with 4 other titles available to compete for and the majority of competitors having the game, I have a hard time understanding where you get this idea of unfairness.

    I mean if you really want to get into this you can look at like this. Tag team division, you can't compete unless you have a partner, that excludes members. It could be argued that it's unfair if we're going by the same logic you're using to argue unfairness for this division. What about the IWT Undisputed Championship division? Everyone is able to compete for the title, but I don't expect to see you book Dexx Duggan for that title anytime soon, hell @Farooq has been here since IWT started and I don't remember if he even got a shot at the title. You could say that is unfair as well.

    Point being, there's already been instances of so called "unfairness" in IWT already, too many to count. However, adding a new division, where promoing is limited might be a GOOD thing. There are people in this e-fed who have difficulties promoing, this division could be good for them. Giving them an opportunity at a title that doesn't require them to promo very often. Competitors who'll probably never see an IWT Championship shot, now have the opportunity at a new title.

    Plus, if we get some video submissions we could actually SEE these matches take place on top of the build up threads that will be right here in the IWT.
  18. Getting a partner and having to spend real money on a game is completely different. I give people a shot at the IWT title when they earn it. There are at least 4 different competitors currently lined up for a shot, giving them all a shot is tough you know, you have to pick which one is "best for business" and going to put on the best match. And yes, Farooq is on that list.

    IWT is based on cutting promos to win titles, if cutting promos isn't for you, then IWT isn't for you. Simple as that. Do I really want to watch a video of a horrendous "video game"? Not really. For one, I don't have the time. Any competitor has a shot at the IWT title, if they come out and step up their game to the next level, it doesn't matter how long they've been here or what they were like before. If they can't cut promos then yes obviously they won't get an IWT title shot, because they can't do the one thing that's required in IWT. I'm not sure what's difficult to understand about that?