New trainer hired for developmental

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  1. Lords of Pain

    So the NXT training staff is now Dinsmore, DeMott, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smilie, Billy Gunn & Sara Del Ray and to some extent William Regal, Steamboat and Finlay. That's a pretty impressive set of trainers.

  2. Eugene was my favourite of all time.
  3. The GOAT after Chavo
  4. He was actually a pretty talented wrestler, Good for our future stars.
  5. That's a great set of trainers, wow, WWE have done well recruiting the right people. The future is bright, really bright.
  6. They could do with one or two guys more focused on the promo side of things. But then again, they have Dusty fricking Rhodes.
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  7. I agree. And I fucking agree.
  8. Will be able to help them quite a lot down in NXT.
  9. Thats a good guy to hire as a trainer
  10. Not sure if it's a spoiler or not, but just in case.

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    Didn't Dusty retire/get fired or something and now JBL is the GM on NXT? I was reading an article JBL wrote and mentioned he was going to be the new GM.
  11. I would assume that is just kayfabe. I have read no news on Dusty retiring.
  12. All i can think of is that Freight Train promo:dawg:
  13. *shrug* That's what I read. Here's the article where JBL said so.

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  14. GM is just a on screen role. So it is probably JBL mixing kayfabe and reality. reality era biotch.
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  15. No yeah I know. Dusty's probably still helping out somehow, but I'm thinking it's part of the storyline, Show knocking Dusty out and all. It'll be interesting to see JBL be a GM. :lol1:
  16. Dusty is like the head honcho of developmental on site. It's HHH's vision and Dusty making sure it happens.
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  17. Ah mmk :hmm:
  18. Also 99% sure Dusty books the shows. NXT smells so much of Dusty Rhodes booking.
  19. I can't smell it :downer:
  20. [​IMG]
    FIRST DAY OF WORK! (Read that in Eugene's voice motherfuckers)