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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Butters!, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Hello Everyone. I'm a new user,

    I've been watching WWE nearly all of my life. My all time Favorite wrestlers are Shawn Michaels, Chris Jerciho, Yoshi Tatus, And Daniel Bryan.

    I have also taken a liking to the shield and am looking forward to many upcoming talents from NXT.

    I love South Park, As you can see by my username lol. I'm obsessed with the slobber knocker mode in 2K14! And I can not wait for Wrestlemaina.

    I hope to talk to some pretty awesome people here!
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  2. Hey Butters, welcome to one of the most entertaining forums in all of entertainment? WWEForums! Enjoy your stay here! :adr:
    Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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  3. Welcome Butters :otunga: Interesting collection of favorites you have! Hope you have a great time here!
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  4. What's up man welcome
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  5. Your name is amazing, hope you enjoy the site bro.
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  6. Thanks Alot! I do have a question. Where's the easiest place to start talking to other users? The forum is quite huge and will take time for me to get use to! :)

    Thanks alot, Buddy.
  7. "Well that's me!"
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  8. Thanks alot, Buddy! :)
  9. I made the font small so you wouldn't ask any questions. :downer:

    Sections like the "Locker Room" and "Gaming and Media" are pretty easy to interact with people.
    Even some wrestling threads might help.
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  10. Welcome to the forum man, hope you enjoy it here!
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  11. Thanks Alot, Shadow!
  12. Epic name, welcome.
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  13. Epic Picture! And thank you! :xanth:
  14. Welcome Butters.
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  15. Welcome.
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  16. Thank you, and your signature has me laughing!
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  17. Hello and welcome to WWEF! Great username, I love Butters :yay:

    I hope you'll enjoy your time here!
  18. Welcome Butters!

    Any reason he's your fave SP character?
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