New Voting Rules - ALL USERS MUST READ

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    Recently we've seen an influx of users who have posted very little on the forum, making vital votes in IWT matches.
    It's entirely plausible that they have been recruited to sign up, post maybe 5 times and vote.
    Whilst this may not be the case, prevention is better than curing.

    Therefore, going forward, to vote in a match you must have at least 100 posts on the forum.
    If you vote in a match and do not have over 100 posts, your vote will not count in the tally of results once the voting closes.

    *If you have had at least ONE competitive match in IWT (MUST BE AN UPRISING OR PPV SHOW) and have less than 100 posts, you're exempt from this rule.*

    If you have any questions or feedback on this, please leave it here.

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  2. ... well fuck... what if i'm just extremley active?
  3. So someone who signs up and wants to be a part of the IWT cannot make any real difference in the votes cannot until he or she reaches 100 posts?

  4. They can do promos, but not vote until 100 posts. Yes.

  5. As long as you have over 100 posts.
  6. That sounds like a bad solution to this issue to be honest. If you can cut promos you should be allowed to vote.
  7. alright then...

  8. Have you thought of a better idea?

    Cutting promos has no influence on the outcome of other peoples matches. Only the ones you're a part of.
  9. THIS IS BOLD SHIT! :angry:
  10. What about people publicly voting instead of doing a poll and have them give a detailed reason on why they're voting for someone?
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  11. ^ I had to do that before and worked out just fine.

  12. Polls are public already, so you can see who voted for who. It's easy to write a fake "I liked the way he used 'this' in his promo"
    Also, you don't have to vote based on the promo, you can vote for whatever reason you want. The rules simply state you "can" vote based on the promos.
  13. Did it really though? It's easy to write a fake excuse.
  14. YOU ARE A FAKE EXCUSE! :gtfo:
  15. LOL people want to win that bad they make fake accounts just to win? what would be the point you would not get any real satisfaction as you did not actually win.

  16. Some people are like that... can't stand losing.
  17. Enter jono logic here. He doesn't solve the problem only a manifestation of it. He's awesome at it.

    Look at the bigger picture JONO.

  18. I don't solve the problem... only a manifestation of it. So tell me, what is the whole "problem"
  19. You know everything :)

  20. Crayo - I'll let you deal with this one.

    Well you see, jackass, if you even had the remotest idea of what you were talking about, I've already gotten Crayo to check for multiple accounts.

    So good work wise one. Now who looks silly :pity1: