New Voting System Testing/Comments

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Solidus, Nov 25, 2014.

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  1. First I liked it. Then I was like - no wait - that's a winner:yeah:
  2. Took a look at it, seems very simple and easy. I like it.
  3. Thats pretty spot on. Are you going to be able to collect the numbers and average them out? I believe that is what @Delik does now.

    Also - curious how we can get at the results?
  4. Someone can do that manually, votes will be public.
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  5. I don't do IWT but this seems like a pretty solid concept.. a little longer I believe than previous voting if I'm not mistaken however simple enough for almost everyone to figure out :)
  6. Manually? What year is it?
  7. I can also make it so thread titles show who is competing to allow for easier navigation. Old match voting threads will be hidden.
  8. or with a calculator lol
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  9. I like it but I will forever miss the old way
  10. Alright I'm a bit confused. It seems a good concept but I have a few gripes.

    Firstly, it's making a new thread for each persons vote, regardless of what they put for the match url? This will be highly annoying for matches with a lot of votes, flicking through 10+ threads to gather scores instead of just typing =average(C1:H10) like I do now.

    Also, the votes are public. When the IWT voted on this system they specifically voted for votes to be hidden until the match was finished.

    I'm not sure why you didn't just allow us to embed the Google Docs here. You save money and it keeps everything the way it was, nice and simple? :dawg:

    There's 1 more thing that I meant to comment on, went afk mid-typing of this and now I've forgot. I'll post it later if I remember.
  11. That's why competitor names are displayed in the thread title. It should take just 2 minutes to get the average. This also allows other people in IWT creative to gather totals and declare winners themselves.
    Vote threads can be hidden.
  12. True, but you know there'll be people that will put any old junk in the title. Just like the jokers who don't click yes on the poll atm. 2 minutes? 6 scores to collect per thread, 10-15 threads per match, that's going to take quite a bit longer than 2 minutes?

    I guess, but I coulda done that by just sharing the google form, except no one ever bothered to mention it :dawg:

    Hidden for everyone or some people?

    Also you said old threads will be hidden right? That sucks, people like to go back and look at old match threads. It's a decent system but it seems like more effort and time for no extra gain (because I can just share the google forms as they are now) - this would work well for the PPV predictions contest though.
  13. I can also add a check box stating that they agree that inputting joke text will result in vote not counting.
    Votes can also be sent to multiple users as conversations too, or all in a separate thread (you'd still need to remove older votes though)
    Old voting threads, the ones that the form creates.
  14. Is it possible to add into that form, a piece of script that changes the first text box into a drop down box, and it pulls the data from the first page (only the 1st) from the IWT section. That keeps every title consistent and basically removes the ability to make a joke title. Similar to using vlookup?

    Expand on " or all in a separate thread (you'd still need to remove older votes though)" - I don't quite get that bit.

    Oh ok, gotcha.

    It's starting to sound better but there still needs to be a simpler way to collate results.
  15. That's not possible. I can however allow only certain words to be used (competitor names), and reject forms that contain something else. I'm guessing most people wouldn't mess around with it though, especially since most wanted change and seem to like this new way.

    You can have a separate thread for submitted forms for each match, every vote from every match would be in the same thread. This is why I set up separate threads. You can unapprove/lock old threads to keep it easy to navigate somewhat.
  16. Eh tbh putting a filter on it would be too difficult because of new people joining and people changing their names, some using shortened names and nicknames. Not worth the hassle. Who wanted change? I only saw Clinton's thread about me? People wanted change before this system, then when I introduced this (cus they voted for it) they said it was the best we've used? I think you're being bamboozled mate (@Ovalhead Le Jobber )

    Wait, so all the results for one match thread URL can go into one response thread (that is also hidden?) - that's fine if so, at least then I can just split a google form and the forum and just type them in quickly instead of opening a ton of tabs.

    I'm not allowed to unapprove threads, last time the staff got pissy because it filled up their mod queue :lol1:
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