New XBOX Details (Rumors)

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    So this already seems like a no purchase for me. Discuss :emoji_grin:
  2. If the internet requirement rumors are true looks like I will switch to Sony.
  3. I'm thinking the same, I like to be able to play games offline if I can, I just want more Wii U games to come out!
  4. Well this sucks.
  5. Amen brother!
  6. I think I may make a return to Playstation. This is bullshit.
  7. So if I get a new Xbox, I cannot play any of my old games on it because of the switch to Blue Ray? Not a big issue since I can just save the 360 but still a peeve.
  8. Sounds dumb but the killing of pre-owned games is frustrating for me. I can't afford to buy every game I would like brand new and often get them ages after release a lot cheaper pre-owned (still buy DLCs and such) but now it will be £50 per game. Think I'll stick to the 360!
  9. No offline is just stupid. My xbox is my saviour when my internet goes out. Definitely going to the PS4 if this is real. There isn't many XBOX only games that I'd miss to be honest, and I would get to play God of War if I moved back to Playstation.

    As long as my homies here go to PS4 for Fifa sessions then it's all good.
  10. :yay: People talking about switching to Playstation. I knew you guys would join us eventually. :obama:

    Crayo -- I do agree about God of War, though. I mentioned the Ascension commercial in a status last night and how I have pre-ordered it. Looks great as usual.
  11. PS3 still sucks.
  12. What Crayo said. The PS3 is inferior compared to the 360. But it seems next gen it will be the lesser of two evils.
  13. Haha! All the noobs flocking to Sony because Microsoft and XBOX sucks.

    Also only a 1.6Ghz processor? Pitiful.
  14. I'm excited for the PS4. No telling when I'd actually get it, but still excited.

    I have personal reasons for getting a PS3 for myself rather than an Xbox. :emoji_slight_smile:

    (ETA the following.)

    Actually, just looked into PS4 updates and came across the following that was posted Feb. 1. I guess we'll learn more Feb. 20 since this is still based on rumors, but sounds like it might also go the way of Microsoft in not allowing second-hand games anymore.

  15. Has there been many rumours for the PS4 like the ones above for the new Xbox?
    Just curious to see how different they sound...
  16. http:emoji_confused:/
  17. Thank you :emoji_slight_smile: both look good but both removing backwards compatibility and tying your games to your console sucks a bit!
  18. What a shitty specs for the next Xbox (if true).

    PC > The next Xbox
  19. You're very welcome. :emoji_slight_smile: That's the one I had been reading at the time, but it seemed pretty informative. To me the PS4 seems better, but I completely agree that the lack of backwards compatibility and not being able to do used games anymore would be detrimental.

    Of course, the newer PS3 systems also didn't have backwards compatibility, but that's not a problem because on the PSN there is a data "thing" (can't think of what specifically it would be now) that you can download which does allow you to play PS2 games on it, so it works out well. If that part ends up being true, maybe there will be something similar for the PS4.
  20. Still probably gonna get it.