Storyline New Year, New Victim

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  1. ***As the dark, spooky intro to CATCH YOUR BREATH plays, the arena fades to black, the fog arises and then red lights start flashing...
    But, suddenly, the music stops and a video package is aired.***

    ***Prince Bálor is shown in a dark room, dressed in black.***

    ***He turns around and starts walking slowly towards the camera.
    As he's getting closer, the lights go out again.
    Then, a bright light points to the wall and we see the words "You are [victim] #4, Gav" written in red.
    The camera points back to The Demon and he starts talking...***

    Every now and then, life takes you to the point of no return.
    Just like it's taken you,
    @Gav the Champ!
    You bit off more than you can chew here.
    Just ask my previous victims.
    They all thought they could hang with The Demon, but the ending is always the same.
    They all fall down.

    At FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE, I promise to leave you broken, beat and scarred.

    ***As the lights go out, Prince Bálor starts his evil laughing.***
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