New year, same old Gav the Chav

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    *gav the chav is stood in the ring waiting to address the crowd*

    ( gav the chav) now then you cheeky ****s its me gav the chav here remember a few weeks ago when I signed a new contract well i figured its about time I used one of those clauses
    *gav pulls out his new contract *

    So right here it say gav the chav does what the fuck he wants and i fully intend to do that right now and challenge @Prince Bálor at the next event you see hes become a bit of a cheeky **** thinking he is hard as fuck oh and Prince i want that belt of yours too what do you say you cheeky ****
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  2. ***As the thumping heartbeats to "Catch Your Breath" play through the PA System, the arena fades to black.
    At the 0:41 mark, the music stops, and the spotlight hits Prince Bálor who is shown on the ramp.
    He's got a mic in his hands and is ready to talk.***

    Wow, nice little speech. ***Says it sarcastically***
    I'm gonna get down to business right away and tell you this:
    I am the one who's gonna crush your dreams, maggot. And I'm gonna smile while I'm tearing your body all over the place.

    ***The crowd erupts into cheers***
    At the next event, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE, which is quite fitting...
    You, Gav, will have to do just that. Fight. for. your. life!

    ***Evil laughing***
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  3. OOC: YOU CHAVVY FUCK!! Looking forward to this.