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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Please rate, comment, like, and sunscribe if you havn't aready! I have 3 more matches I will be uploading at some point today, so be ready!​
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  2. I hate that it's in fucking parts, but what the hell. I've seen at least 100-200 matches in parts from YT or DM.

    Probably too used to MU or Fileserve single links.

    I remember Kane-Shoveler match, it was good. And for once, The Shoveler didn't :shovel: :laugh:
  3. Yeah, sorry about the parts. I'm sort of stuck with one uploader that splits videos into parts like after 7:35 or so.. It sucks.
  4. If you put parts in a playlist like @[Big Hoss Rambler] does it's fine.
  5. Yeah, you should just make a playlist. Click "Play All" or just watch one part and it'll automatically start the next one. It'll be like watching in full without parts.
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