News on World Title story-line and WM 29 Main Event

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Sheamus vs ADR, facepalm.
  2. Sheamus Vs. ADR will produce some great matches but it's a shame for D Bry. In an ideal world he'd challenge Jericho for the WWE title turning him tweener, it's a shame that won't happen.
  3. Both Del Rio and Sheamus are good in the ring but they just don't have the same chemistry that the big white and Bryan has. And Del Rio on the mic combined with Sheamus I fear could be a big snooze pill.
  4. It'll be similar to Kane vs Orton, the matches haven't been bad, but is anyone here interested? In modern WWE you need promo skills. Sheamus (despite the fanboys) is not a good mic worker, ADR in my opinion is but not with this gimmick. Him as a face vs heel Sheamus would make me mark.

    This is just going to be a big snooze fest, while everyone wants to see Bryan.
  5. Totally agree. Also their match was pretty poor on SD!, not sure what it was with Del Rio but he looked slow and Sheamus was just poor like he always is as a face worker.
  6. A way to turn Del Rio face would be to remove the thing that makes him the arrogant heel. His money. His character is a aristocrat. Have something happen that makes Del Rio loose his wealth, his land, his cars. Make him dirt poor and have to work his way up again. That could allow his character to develop into more of a face character and more interesting.
  7. I'm not really interested in Del Rio, and no one seems to be, as we can notice due to his incredible overness. This feud will be boring just like his current work as a heel. They should give the strap to Bryan if they're going to have this snooze fest, or have Rhodes feud with Sheamus for the title, idk.
  8. I hope Brock fights Taker next year. That way, they can save Cena-Taker (another rumored match for next year) for Wrestlemania 30, since that will obviously be a big match and I think it's better left for WM30 because of the whole tenth anniversary stuff and all.

    Sheamus/Del Rio comes as no surprise since he did become the no #1 contender for the belt right after Wrestlemania.
  9. I would be hyped for an ADR WHC Title run, unfortunately I think he is just being fed to Sheamus so this feud doesn't excite me as much as it otherwise would had Sheamus not just started his reign. Maybe I'm wrong and ADR can take the belt off of him, but I doubt it. More feuds for Sheamus as a face on SD with guys like Rhodes, an eventually returning Barrett, Christian, ect.
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