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    The following are in the ICW Committee if you need contact, please PM the following
    @Big Boss
    @Lord Ovalhead
    @Bill Clinton
    or Me.

    Show Schedule:
    ICW Sunday Inferno 3/30/14
    ICW Sunday Inferno 4/13/14
    ICW Sunday Inferno 4/27/14
    ICW Sunday Inferno 5/4/14
    ICW Wrestling Challenge 5/10/14
    THE NEXT DATES WILL BE ADDED AFTER MAY 1ST, PM if you are not available, the Dead line for a drop out is 2 Days before hand.

    EXTRA: If you join and want some help breaking in the system i can book you against a NPC Jobber, rather than bury our roster.

  2. Who makes the thread for the match is it the GM or one of us?
  3. Me, it's not a single match thread but rather 1 thread, with the match summary.
  4. I see. What's happening tonight for clarification.
  5. Already clarified when a "ICW Show Preview" is released that means these matches are confirmed. You will be facing "deth" not the user but an NPC Jobber.
  6. Alright I'll be waiting for the thread.
  7. Already posted.....
  8. Should have mentioned this but it just came to mind, I feel confused I posted in the thread The Order Mania, on word from Big Boss telling me he wanted to close the show. Now I'm feeling like the match I have now overrides this. And so the segment with The Orders Mania didn't happen or did happen?
  9. What the fuck? The Order is in IWT, this is ICW a completely different thing...
  10. Wrong thread..... see I was hopin to join both.
  11. Your not in the Committee....
  12. yes I am u told me I am!