Next Divas Champion

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by True Warrior, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Who should be the next WWE Divas Champion?
  2. Kaitlyn.
  3. Barbie should of been the divas champion but since shes left the company then nobody should be divas champion as no other divas can compare to Barbie's first reign
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  4. omg hahahaha :lol1:
  5. Kaitlyn --> AJ
  6. Tamina.
  7. Kaitlyn for sure. After she wins it, a feud with AJ. Switch the belt a little and stuff.

    Been long enough to make Kaitlyn the champ. She deserves it imo.
  8. Kaitlyn or just keep it on Eve
  9. Nobody. Eve should never EVER lose it! Eve <3.

    . . . Okay gun to my head, based off current booking (i.e. logically) Kaitlyn. Personally, Natalya or Naomi.
  10. AJ or Kaitlyn!
  11. Natalya, since she is the best woman wrestler left. They need to book her strong again, now she can work by herself.
  12. "The raven-haired lady..."
  13. A.J or Kaitlyn