Next Generation Championship Wrestling: The New Era in Pro Wrestling.

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  1. Next Generation Championship Wrestling.
    Looking at the Bland, Generic logo that was right in front of me, I wondered how I could pull this off. "A Backyard company? No one will watch us" I thought. We needed wrestlers, Managers and motivation.

    My name is Forrest Peters, I am the founder of Next Generation Championship Wrestling, A Backyard company for now but with hard work and dedication, I will make it my duty to make this company recognized.

    I began designing the website, nothing special, a website with 3 pages, a Home/news page, a Roster/Champion page and a Current/Future/Past events page with Results. Like the logo, It was Generic but it'll do. Next thing on my List....Find the Stars.

    OOC: This is my new Diary, a Backyard to Global challenge BTB with some story being put behind it. Any feedback is appreciated and I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you guys.
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