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  1. Who should be the next TNA TV Champion?
  2. Crimson.
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  3. Tommy 'Crimson' Mercer, but in mid 2013. Joe is too good right now in this role.
  4. Yep, Magnus.
  5. I'd have Magnus return at UK tour in January (imagine the pop if he comes back), feud against Aces & 8's, then be in the WHC picture for a while wrestling Angle, Roode and such.
  6. If AJ doesn't go into the X Division he should go here until it's time to go after the world championship again, Crimson would be good too because then we could see him wrestle every week, and Magnus just to heat up a feud between him and Joe for a while.
  7. Styles. Him vs Joe will be great for that division.
  8. Sounds good, but I just think they'll make him drop it within a month.
  9. Joe vs. Magnus feud is over, both now have other business to do.

    That's why I proposed that for Magnus, and yeah, Joe vs. Styles could be good, as would Joe vs. Kash and Joe vs. Christian York. MIND = BLOWN!
  10. Bringing this thread up since @"true Warrior" is back on here.

    I guess nobody yet, since Devon is STILL the champ. :testify:
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