OOC Next Uprising show - who wants in???

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Ok guys, I am trying to work on matches for the next show. We are not going to change the dates, sorry. Have some dark matches in between if you want. (BTW, @Big Boss - get at me about that Hardcore belt. I got an idea)

    So if you are not a title holder OR have not already gotten a #1 contender spot and want to be in a match at the next Uprising, please let me know here. The dates for the show are June 23rd - 29th.

    Get at me playas
  2. Why we aren't changing the dates, I'll never know.
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  3. I can tell you right now.

    Cause I said so, thats why.
  4. I'm in!! (Please, thank you)
  5. Already got an opponent in mind for you darlin
  6. I will have a sleep in during this event.....shit...that won't do anything.
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  7. You'll all wake up and be like "We missed it!"
  8. And that's why you're the best!
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  9. Hall Of Fame all over again...

    I guess I'm in.
  10. Well I hope so. You got 2 title matches you will be involved in I think. You are teaming with DK against the desperadoes for the tag titles right? (Plus Euro title)
  11. Yes, yes I am.
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  12. i have been on every event since i debuted so why not? i`m in
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  13. British Kid is it? Wasn't in your sig so I wasn't sure.

    Nevermind, yes it is derp
  14. yea...i need to update my sig soon
  15. Shit, that actually means both you and DK would pull double duty. I'd like to avoid that. I assume you want your EU belt match to be first right? Maybe the tag title defense will have to wait until MITB
  16. It honestly doesn't matter.
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  17. Cool then. I can talk to DK too and see what he thinks.
  18. Not me.

    Want to build up my new character slowly through vignettes.
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  19. In, in, in, playa I'm in.
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  20. Well with that belt around your waist you better be lol