Next WWE title fued?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Who are we thinking? Henry?
  2. There were rumors of Cena vs Bryan in a face vs face match at MITB. But we'll see what happens down the road. Henry could work but it has to be a short one. Big dude is too injury prone.
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  3. I thought prior to this PPV we might get Cena/Bryan but a fued with Orton seems more likely for him now.
  4. Just for the hell of it and since MITB is in Philly. RVD possibly? For a one of match before Rob gets a feud with a youngling?
  5. Also the Observer (Meltzer's magazine) noted that a possible alternative to Bryan vs Cena at MITB would be Bryan winning the RAW case and cashing it in beforehand for a Summerslam match. I could see that working.
  6. who is going after the wwe tital now cos rayback has has 2 chansons now and lost the 2
  7. Henry most likely as a filler until Summerslam.
  8. The returner who was announced for MITB.
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  9. RVD to win it soon as.