NFL Discussion Thread:Week 12

Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheTNHMaster, Nov 21, 2013.

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  2. Scum lol. But I'm okay with this.
  3. I only did this because of you, feel proud.

    Picks: Saints (Michael McDonald,Sean Payton, and Drew are gonna take the team to victory)
  4. Im trying to get into NFL who should I support?
  5. Buffalo Bills. Just not the Patriots... or the jets. I mean you could pick anyone but underdogs are normally fun to root for.
  6. If you never want to see your team win the Super Bowl, pick the Bills.
  7. Watch it, punk.
  8. Watch the Bills record. It gets worse and worse.
  9. God damn you. I let you put my face in your avatar and you act EJ Manning is worse than Eli. Nah dude. Bills playoffs soon, maybe not this year but some year. Then the superbowl. Then world domination.
  10. You are gonna need OJ to kill a few more people before that happens. Now that I am done joking around, after Brady retires, I can see them being contenders to win their division.
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  11. You'd probably say the same thing about the Buccs. Go watch the 2003 Super Bowl.
  12. Already have. Shit game. Not gonna argue with you since you are more stupid when talking about football than I am.
  13. Who won that game?
  14. The Bucs. That was in 2003. This is 2013. I have no idea why your brought the game up.
  15. "If you never want to watch your team win the super bowl" I'm sorry what
  16. Wow, you are really stupid. That was a friendly insult towards DK.
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  17. 2003.
  19. 1964, 1965.
  20. :facepalm:
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