NFL discussion thread:week 13

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    It's going down this Thursday. With Burleson back and Rodgers injured we have a great chance of winning. also one of the o linemen on the Packers said the Lions were scumbags lol
  2. Can't wait for the Bucs to get squashed by the Panthers, even though I like them, Shiano shouldn't stay for another season just because he so happened to beat a couple of hamsters.
  3. I'm soooo pumped for those Thanksgiving games. Only one that I'm nervous about not being great is Raiders vs Cowboys but I'll be rooting for the Raiders.
  4. Let's see if another flag gets picked up in the Panthers game...
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    Sucked with these lately, then again the NFL's been less predictable. Feel a lot more comfortable this week than last.

    Oakland +10 at Dallas
    Philadelphia -3 1/2 vs Arizona
    Denver -5 at Kansas City
    Edit: Bears PK at Vikings
    Buffalo -3 1/2 over Atlanta in Canada

  7. On-topic: If anyone can help me get out of Thanksgiving dinner tonight, it'll be greatly appreciated.
  8. Uh....say you feel like shite and can't eat?
  9. Can't wait for football later, beat them Cowboys RAIDERS!
  10. Lions
  11. Just an hour or so to go till we get to see Flynnsanity once again
  12. Matthew Stafford is a mother fucker
  13. What a terrible game, my condolences to the Bears + Packers fans watching this.

    Love how everyone has some sort of rooting interest in a game today... except DK. Poor DK.
  14. How can Aaron Rodgers sit there with a straight face and say he's not the savior of the packers?

    Anyways I'm proud of the lions today.its about damn time.
  15. The Dallas Cowboys: Adding Comedy to your Thanksgiving Day since 1966
  16. what was it like 550 total yards to 50? crazy domination
  17. Before garbage time you're right. 30 first downs to 7. 40 minutes to 20. 241 rushing yards to 24. All this despite Detroit having 4 turnovers. Total domination.
    Reggie Bush <3

    Dude, these Raiders receivers look beastly. Going up for catches, making big plays, going through the whole sideline routine... McGloin trusts them. Why shouldn't he?

    Fuck Black Friday.
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  18. Let's just say matt Flynn will probably rethink his career tonight
  19. this is proof that Rodgers is the god of quarterbacking
  20. Rodgers has to be considered as good as Peyton now. His team's completely fallen apart without him. This is 2-14 Colts bad, maybe even worse.
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